Productivity Secrets: The Best of the Internet

Get BetterHappy Friday! Catch up with the best of what we’ve shared on the interwebs this week! 

Dare to say “YES, AND”!

Having the audacity to ask (or say “Yes, and”) opens doors. Waiting for permission leaves you hanging.

Harness the Productivity Power of Automation.

Create with an open heart. Edit with a critical eye.

Productivity secrets for startups.

What will our digital etiquette be in the age of Data Darwinism?

imageDundee’s Tip of the Week:   Try using Zapier or IFTTT to automate iDoneThis updates from lots of apps, including Evernote and Github! Set triggers and zaps to send to (personal users) and (teams). You can find the exact address in the “from” field of your reminder emails.