The Struggles of Creativity

The painful and inevitable struggle remains to create in a childlike and openhearted manner, but to be un-wistful and cruel when judging one’s creation.

Artist Christoph Niemann writing for the New Yorker about the process of making his first app and the “most important struggle at the center of all creative pursuits: being the artist and the editor at the same time.”

The Balance of Audacity and Humility

You’ve got to be audacious enough to set goals that make you stretch and give you clarity of vision and purpose. But you have to have the humility to know that this work is hard, and that you might not get there. If you start off talking about all the reasons that you’re not going to get there, you’re not going to get there. And so it’s holding that balance of not being reckless, but also having a huge element of fearlessness.

Jacqueline Novogratz, chief executive of the Acumen Fund, on the balance of audacity and humility necessary to innovate.

Get It Done: The Best of the Internet

Get Up

Here’s the weekly round-up of the best of the blog & links we’ve shared on the interwebs!  Happy Friday!

We wrote The Art of Getting Stuff Done without Bossing Around last week but shh, we’re sneaking it into this round-up.

Find out how Any.DO, a start-up that made a task management app, uses us to get things done.

Srsly, what is innovation?

Research says leaders receive less stress.

Learn how to enchant your customers.