Motivation and Self-Discipline: The Best of the Internet


Happy Friday! Catch up with the best of what we’ve shared on the interwebs this week!

How socially conscious startups find motivation.

Jeff Bezos’s peculiar management tool for self-discipline.

Are you happy at work? I believe you have my stapler…

A case for the workplace’s digital village.

The less-is-best approach to innovation is simpler and quieter. Ahhh.

The Write Habit: The Best of the Internet

Happy Weekend! Catch up with the best of what we’ve shared on the interwebs this week! (And apologies for the hiccup with yesterday’s post.)

Our sprawling guide to content marketing.

How to get in the habit of writing.

We’ve written about the awkward leader. Now read about the generous leader.

The dark side of charisma.

Did you take part in Small Business Saturday? Here are some small businesses that have cracked the code of their success.

Autonomy, Achievements and Awesomness: The Best of the Internet

It’s been a tough week for those of us in Sandy’s path. Our best wishes to those dealing with the aftermath! Be safe! 

Now, catch up with the best of the stuff we’ve shared this past week!

We visually visited 10 awesome startups. Check out the pics of some cool company culture!

Our very own Ginni Chen wrote a guest post for Women 2.0 about how successful women share their accomplishments.

Employees are happier when they’re trusted to exercise autonomy.

How virtual teams collaborate.

The only purpose of customer service is to change feelings.

Entrepreneurs should take the lead in building sustainable startup communities.

Tricks for Productivity! The Best of the Internet

I have no idea

Happy Friday! Catch up with the best of the internets that we’ve shared this week! 

How startups are killing off bosses.

Our Senior Engineer Mike Sun wrote about learning to scale an e-mail based app.

What’s Marc Andreessen’s trick to feeling marvelously productive?

Human Rescue Time!

How VHX uses iDoneThis and leads the video self-distribution revolution.

Advice on how to Network Your Face Off.

What leads to the beaten path?

Find Joy in your Work: The Best of the Internet

Cats at work

Here’s the weekly round-up of the best of the blog & links we’ve shared on the interwebs!

We have a guest blog post over at Buffer on the science behind what motivates us to work hard.

How we help Reddit get stuff done.

Mike Sun wrote about security and Google/OpenID Integrations.

We wrote about how we need more quiet and slower web to create better, transcend, and find joy in our work.

The struggle to help your employees find larger meaning.

Talent isn’t enough.

How the President gets stuff done.

Building Company Culture: The Best of the Internet

Laughing Donkey
How iDoneThis aspires to build a product that fulfills a maker’s schedule while meeting the manager’s needs.

However you walk the talk is what builds your company culture. And so are your values.

How do you give difficult feedback to a team leader?

A team-building scavenger hunt that worked.

Our glimpse into how PagerDuty uses us!

Photo: Jackson Carson

Empathy vs Apathy: The Best of the Internet

Weekend wallpaper

Happy Saturday all! Catch up with some of our favorites things we’ve shared during the week:

We wrote about reconsidering the startup open floor plan office.

Whitney Hess writes on empathy versus apathy and organizational culture.

Get rid of stupid rules at work.

The importance of building a company culture.

Open yourself to life.