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Category: Company Culture

Company Culture for Startups

The Practical Guide to Company Culture for Startups Company culture can be an enigmatic idea to a first-time startup founder, but it’s an absolutely vital resource that can buoy your

Transparency for Startups—A Practical Guide

A Practical Guide to Transparency for Startups Join the movement that’s changing how companies are grown and run By law, a public company can’t be transparent about how it operates,

When CEOs Are Proud to Be Powerless

At Menlo Innovations, a software company in Ann Arbor, bosses aren’t the major decision-makers — even over how to hire and fire. When James Goebel and Richard Sheridan founded Menlo,

This Startup Pays You to Learn How to Code

Learning the new literacy of the 21st century doesn’t come cheap. Hack Reactor, a code school in San Francisco, costs a breathtaking $17,780 in tuition for 12 weeks of instruction. A