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Category: Google Snippets

Google Snippets

The Definitive Guide to Google Snippets I knew nothing about Google Snippets before I moved to Silicon Valley. But when I was out there, I kept hearing that successful company

Why Foursquare, BuzzFeed, and Shopify Use Google Snippets

There’s one internal communication tool, little known outside of tech circles, that’s been the management engine behind many of tech’s biggest successes. Known as Google Snippets (having started as an internal

How ScribbleLive Powers the Moment with Liveblogging

ScribbleLive is bringing media companies and brands up to speed with software that allows them to publish, curate, and syndicate content in real-time. Recently, ScribbleLive powered’s liveblog coverage of

Nowadays, You’re Hiring People to Think

In many companies, your manager will know the team’s and company’s objectives, but you won’t.  He may keep crucial information from you so that he can consolidate decision-making power. Not

Alain de Botton on Success

So what I want to argue for is not that we should give up on our ideas of success, but we should make sure that they are our own. We

How Wistia Builds Its Competitive Advantage

@allanbranch Yup, and we love it. — Chris Savage (@csavage) September 18, 2012 Wistia provides super easy, distinctive video hosting, management, and marketing for businesses. We wanted to find out