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Category: The Progress Principle

Why Does Your Work Matter?

What’s the point of work? Why does your work matter? What are you working towards? Some people would say towards a paycheck, others might even say towards glory if they

Do Good Work

Do good work, tell people about it. Acknowledge your progress and recognize others’ good work!

The Emptiness of How to Work Better

Image: rytc This painting on the wall of a Zurich office building is actually an art piece called “How to Work Better” by artist duo Fischli/Weiss (that’s Peter Fischli and David

How To Measure Success

First, the seed being sown falls on good ground, but the birds get it. Then it falls on shallow ground and can’t grow. Then on thorny ground, where it withers

Recognize Your Own Achievements

Remember to pause to recognize your accomplishments, whatever the size. There will always be things to do ahead, so fuel your motivation and chart your course by appreciating what you’ve gotten

The Struggles of Creativity

The painful and inevitable struggle remains to create in a childlike and openhearted manner, but to be un-wistful and cruel when judging one’s creation. Artist Christoph Niemann writing for the