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Category: Startups

How We Got Our First 10,000 Users

Passing 10,000 users felt awesome and we did it with three dead simple techniques that anyone can execute. 1.  Custom narratives for influential communities.  I wrote in April how we


In choosing to do our startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, near the heart of the Valley — the world center for technology and innovation — and joining an

Crowdsourcing Product Positioning

We have a broad-based, loosely constrained web application.  Our users engage with the site in a variety of different ways for a number of reasons.  That makes it difficult to

Anatomy of Three Writeups

The lean startup movement disdains the big press launch, and rightfully so. However, the polemical nature of the argument gives off the impression that press should never be sought.  Quite

Schmoozing for Introverts

I’m often asked how iDoneThis has been featured so often in the press.  Business Insider picked as one of 20 startups to watch, Bob Scoble tweeted about us, and Lifehacker,

Google Calendar, iDoneThis Sharing, and More!

Hi there.  We’re proud to announce two new features to you.  Friends, iDoneThis users, humans, Dundee the productive dog — lend me your ears. Get your iDoneThis daily dones in

Scale Customer Service through Copywriting

Technology provides the basis for this two-man team to run a web service that has handled nearly 30,000 email entries. But going from about 600 registered users in late March

How We Got Our First 5,000 Users

Celebrate — this week we got our 5,000th user!  This is the most users either of us (Rodrigo and I) have ever had for any web project of ours.  In