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Category: Startups

12 Tools for Growing Your SaaS Business

Chances are, your SaaS business is built around a product that makes processes faster and more efficient. And thanks to companies like yours, many of the formerly time-consuming activities of

51 Free Tools To Start A Business

  Trying to start a business is never easy. Being an entrepreneur means sticking your neck — and wallet — on the line for a product you believe in. It

How SimpleReach Learned Sales The Hard Way

The founders at SimpleReach knew they were on to something. Everything seemed to be in place. Great product, great team, great market. There was just one problem. “Like most B2B

Your Accomplishments, Now with Emojis

We’re excited to present to you: the launch of emojis for iDoneThis! It’s a fun way to record your accomplishments and share with your team how you’re feeling. To give

@Team and the All New Autocomplete

We heard your complaints about the old autocomplete. You had to know the username of the teammate that you wanted to mention. That was all fine and good when your teammate’s

iDoneThis for Mobile

Before on left, and after on right We’re excited to announce that we’ve made iDoneThis better for your phone and tablet. When you pull up on your phone’s web browser,

Introducing Goals for iDoneThis

We’re excited to announce that we’ve built Goals for iDoneThis. It’s a simple way to plan your day. To take it for a spin, just start your done with open