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Category: Startups

Making Others Happy: The Best of the Internet

Pugs know best…including the best of what we shared on the interwebs this week: 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Company Retreat. Why would you move to downtown

How we got to $1,000 in recurring revenue

When we launched a paid version of iDoneThis, we held our breath — we didn’t know if a single person would sign up. The waiting, the sweat, the nerves. Finally,

Effective Communication: The Best of the Internet

REMINDER!  We’re giving away some awesome prizes for subscribers who sign up for the newsletter by Sunday, August 18, 11:59 pm EST.  How Dan Pink Invested in iDoneThis — it started with

How Dan Pink Invested in iDoneThis

This story is inspired by this week’s Startup Edition question:  How did you raise money for your startup? “Email Dan Pink.” That task sat on my to-do list, undone for

8 Myths Startup Founders Hate

The entrepreneur’s journey can be a bumpy one, with thrilling peaks and stressful valleys. It doesn’t help that the startup world is aswarm with hype and misconceptions, which can worm their

Prevent Burnout: The Best of the Internet

Happy Friday! Catch up with the best of what we’ve shared on the interwebs this week!  How the Buffer team uses iDoneThis to build a truly transparent company. 8 Awesome