Attain a Flexible Mind: The Best of the Internet

Kepp Your Head UpYo ho ho and onto the best of what we shared on the interwebs this week!

GitHub + iDoneThis: Bring in your commits!

We also teamed up with Draft to make it super simple to track your writing progress and share it with your team.

Why does Jeff Bezos give a hiring anti-pitch?

Self-promotion is part of your job.

You have to stretch, little by little, to attain a flexible mind.

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Stop Hitting That Snooze Button!

Here’s the science on why you should stop hitting that snooze button. Alarms and snooze buttons disrupt our sleep cycles, which include a natural ability to wake up. This causes less restful sleep and less energy to be your awesome self during the day.

Managing our energy levels and syncing with our natural rhythms are key to feeling great and doing your best. So try to get on a regular sleep schedule, and if you still need an alarm, set it for later, and go to sleep a little earlier!

Terri Trespicio on How to Own Your Time

Terri Trespicio is a writer, editor, host, broadcaster, healthy living expert, and former senior editor at Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine. She also hosted the live, daily call-in show “Whole Living” on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius XM 110. Terri has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, and The Martha Stewart Show. She’s also the creator of Best Decision All Day.

We chatted with Terri about the connections of health and wellness to productivity, the power of owning your time, and the navigation of career paths, as she steps out into a new chapter of self-employment.

Photo: Chad Griffith Photography, 2011

You’ve been a great supporter of iDoneThis. How did you start using it?

This app is something I actually use is because I really do tie my sense of wellness and calm to feeling productive. Nobody wants to feel like they’re spinning their wheels, not sure from one day to the next what they’re doing. Now that I’m not answering to a team so much and working on my own from home, I like to be able to keep track of what I’ve done. it’s just a cool way to feel good about not just what tasks you’re getting done but things that are building you toward what you want to achieve.

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