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Discover the done list where you can capture every task you’ve completed. This powerful complement to the to-do list is essential for anyone striving for peak productivity.

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The Power of the Done List

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By Jason Brubaker

Have you ever felt that traditional to-do lists don’t work for you? If you’re running your own business, leading a team, or just trying to ...

How to Get Your Team to Stick to New Habits

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By Elizabeth Grace Saunders

As Chief Happiness Officer, Ginni ensures that iDoneThis is helping teams and companies stay connected, enhance productivity, and improve their inner work life. Every so ...

5 Checklists Applied to User Onboarding

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By Walker Donohue

If you’re a product person, you’ve probably spent a lot of time obsessing over the minute details of your app. You’ve spent hours tweaking the ...

What Have I Done This Year?

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By Willa Rubin

Inching towards the new year means it’s time to reflect on what went well, and what could be improved—especially if you’re thinking about performance reviews. ...

I Done This: Short Post, Best Post?

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By I Done This Support

The more you write on your “Done List,” the less likely your co-workers are to read what you write. 81% of educated people don’t even ...