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The Power of the Done List

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By Jason Brubaker

  1. What Is A Done List
  2. Keep a Done List
  3. Celebrate Small Wins
  4. 5 Steps for Doing a Done List
  5. Join The iDoneThis Movement
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  7. Popular Questions
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Have you ever felt that traditional to-do lists don’t work for you?

If you’re running your own business, leading a team, or just trying to get through your day, seeing a bunch of un-done tasks first thing in the morning can make it feel like you’re starting the day already falling behind.

But what if you started each morning by reviewing what you accomplished the previous day?

That’s the idea behind a done list.

What Is A Done List?

It allows you to see how much you get done each day and can make a big difference in how you feel about your work.

Keeping a done list changes how you see your productivity. Writing down your dones shifts your focus from what you didn’t get done, to what you actually did get done.

Each evening, take a moment to jot down what you’ve accomplished.

Keep a Done List

No victory is too small. This simple act shifts your focus from what’s pending to what’s completed, offering a more balanced view of your productivity.

Tracking accomplishments shifts your focus from unfinished tasks to completed ones for a more balanced perspective.

Done lists help you celebrate small wins.

Celebrate Small Wins

Small wins over time become big wins. And adding accomplishments to your daily list fuels a sense of momentum on the path toward bigger goals.

Recognizing and celebrating these small wins helps you stay motivated.

It’s a reminder that you are making progress, even when the ultimate goal seems distant.

This motivation keeps you engaged and eager to work towards the bigger goal.

Done lists help you see everything you got done, even if it wasn’t on your original plan.

5 Steps for Doing a Done List

Here are five simple steps to effectively create a “done list” to celebrate your daily achievements, stay motivated, and set yourself up for ongoing success.

  1. Start Simple: Set aside a few minutes daily to create your “done list.” It doesn’t need to be elaborate or time-consuming.
  2. List Your Accomplishments: Jot down everything you’ve accomplished during the day, whether planned tasks or unexpected achievements. Keep it brief and to the point.
  3. Celebrate Small Wins: Take a moment to celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small. This is your chance to acknowledge your efforts and successes.
  4. Reflect on Patterns: Review your “done lists” weekly and monthly to identify patterns in your accomplishments. Notice which tasks you excel at and which ones require more effort.
  5. Stay Motivated and Set New Goals: Use your “done lists” to boost your motivation when feeling low. Recognize how you’ve kept your commitments to yourself and others.

Following these five simple steps, you can effectively create and utilize a “done list” to celebrate your daily achievements, stay motivated, and set yourself up for ongoing success.

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Embrace the transformative power of a “done list” to shift your focus from uncompleted tasks to accomplished ones, fostering a more positive outlook on your productivity.

By writing down daily achievements, no matter how small, you celebrate small wins and build momentum towards larger goals. This simple yet effective tool not only keeps you motivated but also offers a balanced perspective on your progress.

Follow our five easy steps to start your own done list, join the iDoneThis, and revolutionize how you perceive and track your daily accomplishments.

Here are some questions along with answers you may have about using done lists.

What is a “Done List” and how does it differ from a to-do list?

A “Done List” is a productivity tool where you record tasks you’ve completed, as opposed to a traditional to-do list that focuses on pending tasks. This shift in focus celebrates your daily achievements, no matter how small, and helps build momentum towards larger goals.

How can a “Done List” improve my daily productivity?

A “Done List” enhances productivity by shifting your focus from what’s left undone to what you’ve accomplished. This positive outlook boosts motivation and provides a more balanced view of your work, helping you recognize and celebrate small wins daily.

What are the steps to create an effective “Done List”?

To create an effective “Done List,” start by setting aside a few minutes each day to jot down your accomplishments. Celebrate each small win, reflect on patterns weekly and monthly, and use this list to stay motivated and set new goals.

Can a “Done List” help in personal life as well as in professional settings?

Yes, a “Done List” is beneficial both personally and professionally. It helps track daily achievements in any aspect of life, fostering a sense of progress and accomplishment, which is crucial for maintaining motivation in both spheres.

What are the psychological benefits of maintaining a “Done List”?

Psychologically, a “Done List” helps combat feelings of being overwhelmed by highlighting progress and accomplishments. It shifts focus from pending tasks to completed ones, fostering a positive mindset and a balanced perspective on productivity.

How does celebrating small wins with a “Done List” contribute to achieving bigger goals?

Celebrating small wins with a “Done List” builds momentum and keeps you motivated. Recognizing these smaller achievements provides a sense of progress and accomplishment, which is essential for staying engaged and eager to work towards bigger goals.

Is there a community or support group for users of “Done Lists”?

Yes, you can join the iDoneThis community to connect with others who use “Done Lists.” It’s a platform where you can share your progress, gain insights, and find motivation from a like-minded community. For more information or support, contact the iDoneThis support team through their website.


Here’s a glossary of key terms mentioned in this article, with their definitions:

  1. Done List: A productivity tool where completed tasks are recorded, focusing on achievements rather than pending tasks. It serves as a positive reflection of daily accomplishments.
  2. To-Do List: A traditional list of tasks that are yet to be completed. It often includes both short-term and long-term goals and everyday responsibilities.
  3. Small Wins: Minor achievements or tasks completed in the course of a day. Recognizing these helps in building momentum and maintaining motivation towards larger goals.
  4. Productivity: The effectiveness of one’s efforts, often measured in terms of the output produced within a given time frame.
  5. Motivation: The drive or willingness to complete tasks and pursue goals. It’s an essential factor in maintaining productivity and achieving success.
  6. iDoneThis: A platform or community mentioned in the article where individuals can track their accomplishments and progress using the done list method.
  7. Momentum: The sense of forward progress or motivation that is maintained by regularly completing tasks and achieving goals.
  8. Reflect on Patterns: The process of reviewing completed tasks to identify trends or habits in one’s productivity and work efficiency.
  9. Celebrate: Acknowledging and appreciating achievements, no matter how small, to foster a positive mindset and encourage continued progress.
  10. Goal Setting: Identifying specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives to work towards.


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