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Category: Done List

Brianna Roux, Scientist

Meet Brianna Roux, young scientist, college student, and amateur knitter.  Brianna uses iDoneThis to track school projects, check-in on her knitting progress, and advance medical science. BIO I am currently

Cheryl Yeoh, Entrepreneur

Meet Cheryl Yeoh, first-time entrepreneur, co-founder of CityPockets and recently named one of 25 women driving NY’s tech scene.  Using iDoneThis every day, Cheryl traces the footsteps of her rising startup

Dr. Hari Palaiyanur, Ph.D

Meet Hari Palaiyanur, newly minted Ph.D, NBA fanatic, and eater of vegetables.  Hari used iDoneThis to motivate him to make progress on his dissertation every day, until he had his

Andrew Zarick, Digital Media Strategist

Meet Andrew Zarick, digital media expert and hip hop enthusiast.  Using iDoneThis every day, Andrew has discovered that he gets more done than he otherwise gave himself credit for. BIO

Willem Bult, Entrepreneur

Meet Willem Bult, world traveler, entrepreneur, and software developer.  Willem uses iDoneThis to build fine internet products by reflecting every day on his step-by-step progress towards his goals. BIO I

Alex Z., Food Logger

This is the first in an ongoing series profiling iDoneThis users.  Meet Alex, denizen of New York City, and active food logger.  Alex uses iDoneThis to write down every single