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Category: Lifehacks

Don’t Dwell on the Past

You can’t change anything that has happened, but you can change what’s about to happen. Tina Lin, a 14-year-old high school student, wants to become the first U.S. table tennis

On Achieving Greatness

Image: Bill Sodeman/Thomas Hawk Hey, you’re pretty awesome yourself.  Go ahead and do great things!

Designing Habit Hacks to Change Your Life

Each morning, my mother would hand me my daily Flintstones chewable vitamin before I left for school. But now that I’m an adult, she can’t tell me what to do

Shut Up and Listen! The Best of the Internet

Happy Friday! Catch up with the best of what we’ve shared on the interwebs this week!   3 Reasons to Shut up and Listen Well. Self-control depletes itself and your

When Are You Most Happy? The Happiness Tracking App

Matt Killingsworth is interested in not just what makes people happy but when people are happy. Gathering data from a happiness-tracking app that he built, he found that people are less happy