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Category: The Science of Productivity

5 Habits to Supercharge Team Productivity

Lebron James had a historic, MVP-level performance in the 2017 NBA Finals, but in the end, his team lost the championship. At work, we sometimes get caught up analyzing individual

The Biology Behind Productivity

Superb time-management skills are worthless when you’re feeling unmotivated, distracted or tired at work. Until robots take over our day-to-day workloads, our productivity is directly linked to our mental and

Can Gaming at Work Increase Productivity?

  [Source] Games tap into our inner desire to challenge ourselves. We love the thrill of scoring points and getting to the next level. But games don’t always have to

When Is It Time to Move to a Co-Working Space

Google, Mattel, Apple, Disney and Harley-Davidson all have something in common: they started in someone’s garage. Today, technology disguises the fact that your startup is operating out of your house,

Humor in the Workplace: What’s Funny or Not?

Sending great gifs to your co-workers gives you more than just a laugh. Humor in the workplace benefits: Productivity. Humor replenishes your employees and makes them more productive. Group Cohesion.