How Code Academy Manages Rapid Growth

I’m a huge fan of the folks at Code Academy because they’re builders, and on top of that, their mission is to empower others to create.  It makes perfect sense then that after they heard about the concept of Google snippets, their first instinct was the build the product themselves.  They went from the thought, “man, I wish there was an app for that,” straight into action.


Code Academy is a rapidly growing company, and that means that it becomes more and more difficult to get perspective on the company as a whole.  Individuals within the company add tons of value every day, but with limited information of those accomplishments, it can be difficult to realize that value and get comfortable on how to move forward.

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How Pipedrive Achieves International Scale by Working Remotely

The reason why we exist is to help companies like Pipedrive work richly.  They have an amazing story — they’ve gone from Timo selling books door-to-door in San Jose to a company that spans three continents and has created one of the hottest and most useful CRM tools on the market today.  We’re so proud to be an ingredient in their success.


I love the guys at Pipedrive because their ambition is global.  They know that sales is a problem that knows no boundaries—not language nor culture—and so from day one, their scope has been international.  Pipedrive was founded in Estonia, but at any given time, its founders are in Tallinn, San Francisco, Santiago, or Nairobi to spread the good word about Pipedrive, a simple CRM that people actually use.

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How I Ran a 10K

after running 10kIncremental progress is almost a law of nature; nevertheless, I’ve often fantasized about accomplishing a lofty but distant goal, pursued it for a month or two, merely made incremental progress, and quit.

Sometime in January, shortly after we first launched iDoneThis, I decided to pursue my long-standing desire to run long distances. I’ve started that many times.  Shin splints, knee pains, being in bad shape, busy life, you name it — each time something got in the way and I dropped the habit before accomplishing anything meaningful.   Not again.

This time I put a goal in front of myself: run Bay to Breakers — and I carried it through.  In 12 weeks, I went from being only able to run 1 mile at a time, to running 7.4 miles continuously (just over running 10K).

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Ernesto Ramirez, Wellness Polymath

Meet Ernesto Ramirez, Ph.D student in public health, Quantified Self organizer, and disliker of to-do lists.  Ernesto uses iDoneThis to feel great about what he gets done every day, to motivate himself to do more, and to create a record of his life.  He made the following word cloud to show his last 62 days on iDoneThis.  Ernesto’s an inspiration to us at iDoneThis, too — we’re working on giving everyone on iDoneThis his or her own individual word cloud.  (Look out for it soon!)

Ernesto Ramirez


Ernesto Ramirez is a doctoral student studying Public Health at San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego. He is interested in using technology to help people live a life of wellness. He’s getting married next year and is really excited about that too.

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Brianna Roux, Scientist

Meet Brianna Roux, young scientist, college student, and amateur knitter.  Brianna uses iDoneThis to track school projects, check-in on her knitting progress, and advance medical science.

Brianna Roux


I am currently a senior Biomedical Engineering major at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, with a minor in biochemistry/molecular biology. After I graduate, I plan to continue my education and get a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering. I also work at Rose-Hulman’s Homework Hotline, which is a free service for students in grades 6-12 to call in and get math and science homework help. In my free time, I enjoy knitting and woodturning.

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Cheryl Yeoh, Entrepreneur

Meet Cheryl Yeoh, first-time entrepreneur, co-founder of CityPockets and recently named one of 25 women driving NY’s tech scene.  Using iDoneThis every day, Cheryl traces the footsteps of her rising startup and already has a couple of major milestones logged into the calendar. 

Cheryl Yeoh


I co-founded CityPockets, a daily deal digital wallet with a secondary deals marketplace that’s based in NYC. I was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and braved the American soil in 2002 on a full scholarship to study engineering at Cornell University. Since then, I’ve educated people about labyrinths, founded a Toastmasters Club at my first job, and worked as a management consultant before ditching Michelin starred restaurants for quinoa and kale to start CityPockets. The journey of my startup has been an incredibly winding road so far, but ultimately rewarding.

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Dr. Hari Palaiyanur, Ph.D

Meet Hari Palaiyanur, newly minted Ph.D, NBA fanatic, and eater of vegetables.  Hari used iDoneThis to motivate him to make progress on his dissertation every day, until he had his degree in hand.  

Hari Palaiyanur


I was born in India and have grown up in the US for most of my life. At some point in college, I became addicted to basketball. I’ve lived in the Bay Area since graduating college and am planning to move to the East Coast this summer.

Age: 27

Location: Berkeley, CA

Contact: LinkedIn

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Andrew Zarick, Digital Media Strategist

Meet Andrew Zarick, digital media expert and hip hop enthusiast.  Using iDoneThis every day, Andrew has discovered that he gets more done than he otherwise gave himself credit for.

Andrew Zarick


I’ve lived in Brooklyn for almost 8 years. I started my professional career as Digital Strategist for DUMBO-based interactive marketing agency, The JAR Group. I recently founded a marketing agency called AZBK, specializing in performance and acquisition marketing through paid search, social and display channels. While in DUMBO, I co-founded Digital DUMBO – a community of New York’s brightest digital thought leaders. The organization has quickly grown into one of the city’s largest digital communities with over 4,000 members. When not helping companies acquire new users or grow revenues with online advertising, I manage 100BestRapSongs.com – a hiphop music aggregator. When not working, I enjoy trying new restaurants, playing soccer, meeting interesting people and trying to see the world.

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Willem Bult, Entrepreneur

Meet Willem Bult, world traveler, entrepreneur, and software developer.  Willem uses iDoneThis to build fine internet products by reflecting every day on his step-by-step progress towards his goals.

Willem Bult


I write code and travel the world. I’ve lived in Europe, SE-Asia and the US. I’ve always been interested both in software development as in entrepreneurship. At age 15, I was selling my first “real” application. While pursuing my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees I started four high tech companies. Software I created has taught children in the slums of Delhi how to speak English, and a company I founded makes people smile every day when they receive our personalized game products.

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Alex Z., Food Logger

This is the first in an ongoing series profiling iDoneThis users.  Meet Alex, denizen of New York City, and active food logger.  Alex uses iDoneThis to write down every single thing he eats every day.


New York City native. Tried caviar at age 7 and loved it. Not a superstitious person outside of sport. I enjoy looking for things and ultimately finding them.

Age: 28

Location: New York, NY

Contact: ajz8 AT cornell DOT edu

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