How I Ran a 10K

after running 10kIncremental progress is almost a law of nature; nevertheless, I’ve often fantasized about accomplishing a lofty but distant goal, pursued it for a month or two, merely made incremental progress, and quit.

Sometime in January, shortly after we first launched iDoneThis, I decided to pursue my long-standing desire to run long distances. I’ve started that many times.  Shin splints, knee pains, being in bad shape, busy life, you name it — each time something got in the way and I dropped the habit before accomplishing anything meaningful.   Not again.

This time I put a goal in front of myself: run Bay to Breakers — and I carried it through.  In 12 weeks, I went from being only able to run 1 mile at a time, to running 7.4 miles continuously (just over running 10K).

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Dr. Hari Palaiyanur, Ph.D

Meet Hari Palaiyanur, newly minted Ph.D, NBA fanatic, and eater of vegetables.  Hari used iDoneThis to motivate him to make progress on his dissertation every day, until he had his degree in hand.  

Hari Palaiyanur


I was born in India and have grown up in the US for most of my life. At some point in college, I became addicted to basketball. I’ve lived in the Bay Area since graduating college and am planning to move to the East Coast this summer.

Age: 27

Location: Berkeley, CA

Contact: LinkedIn

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