Collaboration and Communication: The Best of the Internet

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By I Done This Support

Happy Friday! Catch up with the best of what we’ve shared on the interwebs this week!

We shared our 7 favorite collaboration and communication tools — perfect for adding to any company toolbox, whether your workers are remote or office-assembled.

Find out how C2I Intel uses iDoneThis with distributed and overseas teams to deliver business intelligence.

When you work like ants and get the right amount of communication, at the right time, there are fewer meetings, more productivity, and higher efficiency!

How Daniel Pink gets stuff — including regular writing — done!

How temperature and lighting affects your productivity. Unless you’re a vampire.

Help others in order to find your purpose and motivation.

imageDundee’s Tip of the Week:  Hey iDT team users, hope you’ve noticed by now that you can add comments and likes to individual dones. Find out why we think the new feature will help cultivate happier performance and more progress at work.


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