10 Ways to Use I Done This this Holiday Season

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someecards.com - The office holiday party is a great place to meet everyone you've been emailing from 10 feet away.

We’re well in the holiday party season, and whether you’re still looking for gifts for fellow productivity nerds or looking forward to some time off, here’s a tongue-in-cheek list of how I Done This can help cut down on holiday stress by keeping you organized from our chief-iest of chief happiness officers, Ginni.

1. Tell your office Secret Santa about what you really want with a subtle hint in your dones! “Call with Client X on projections for new deal, worked on spreadsheet reports, *****Puppy or iPad***** edit client presentation.”

2. Record gifts received so you don’t regift to them to the original sender.  Shake-Weight givers get Snuggies. Snuggie gifters get decorative soaps, etc.

3. Track how long that fruitcake in the coffee room has remained untouched … by any living species.

4. Click “Feedback” and write, “holiday bonus holiday bonus holiday bonus holiday bonus” on your boss’s dones.

5. Write down how many cookies you ate so that months from now I Done This will remind you. Or don’t.

6. Record where you put away your holiday decorations. This year, you found them in a box labeled “Fishing Lures & Tackle.” Next year, you’ll know it’s in the box with all the golf balls.

7. Record how much cash you gave your doorman/dogwalker/butler/gardener as a year-end tip. Decide to make homemade jam as a present to everyone else.

8. Write down “made jam” in your iDoneThis. That way everyone will know you really made it and appreciate your gift more.

9. Go back and “Like” everyone’s dones from the year. Then you can “Like” the bowl of candy on their desk. Yum, yum!

10. Print out all your dones and make cut-out snowflakes. That way your boss will know how festive and how hardworking you are.


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