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At iDoneThis, we aim to help people get more of the stuff that’s important to them done.  In 2013, individuals and teams who use iDoneThis accomplished some amazing things, so we thought we’d ask some of them to tell us about what they accomplished in 2013 that they’re proud of.

Their inspiring answers:


In 2013, we launched a beautiful product that hundreds of thousands of users are already using to remember the stories of their lives.

Siqi Chen
Co-founder & CEO, HeyDay


imageMy favorite “iDoneThis” of 2013 was launching our first Muse University courses, and fittingly, one of them was called “Hack Your Work Life” — all about how to be more productive and awesome.

We created and launched the classes 4 weeks from deciding on the idea. Seeing the way people were engaging with The Muse community and their careers via these professional training classes, though, was worth every minute!

Kathryn Minshew
Co-founder & CEO, The Muse



The SFMOMA Education team managed to close down the museum building and introduce a large array of interim programming for the art lovers of San Francisco!

Stella Lochman
Education & Public Programs,
SFMOMA Education



This year, Ravelry reached some exciting membership milestones! In March, Ravelry hit 3 million users. While reaching that number was exciting, it didn’t stop our membership growth: over the course of 2013, we gained 1 million new members.

Seeing our community grow while still keeping a welcoming atmosphere and a heart of really engaged members inspires our team every day.

Mary-Heather Cogar
VP of Operations/Do-Gooder, Ravelry



– Doubled size of staff, tripled the number of dogs
– Pimped our office
– Helped release hundreds of movies and shows directly to fans!

Jamie Wilkinson
Co-founder & CEO, VHX



I did my first “big” public speaking thing at Seattle Creative Mornings.

My memory is vastly improved. I know that I’ll need to recount my entire day at 9pm, so I frequently find myself keeping track of what I’ve done in my head. I find that even a few days later I’m still more aware of what I’ve gotten done recently.

Ellen Chisa
Product Manager, Kickstarter



We released our Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle and got excellent responses, everywhere from Unmanned Systems Canada to Engadget.

Ryan Gariepy
CTO, Clearpath Robotics



Rewrote our whole backend in Java + Ruby — so we can build relationships in pursuit of a better world.
Grew our dev team 150%, and made our tech stack 1500% more awesome, while keeping everyone on the same page.

Eric Carlstrom
Co-Founder & CTO, EverTrue



In 2013, 1.6 billion of emails were sent as we have doubled our number of email marketing campaigns.

Mathilde Le Bault de La Morinière
Inbound Marketing Executive, Raffles Media



2013 was an intense year. What I’m most proud of is that in October I dedicated myself to practicing yoga every single day of the month.

That meant prioritizing my practice the same way I usually prioritize work, meetings, coffees, mentoring sessions; it meant intentionally creating the space to reflect, a space for myself. It meant saying no to that New York frenzy of DO ALL THE THINGS and yes to Do One Thing, Mindfully.

Stacy-Marie Ishmael
VP of Communities, Financial Times



We grew!

Being a virtual team, it has been challenging bringing on new team members, getting them integrated into the role, and maintaining an understanding of what they do on a day-to-day basis. We’ve tried a lot of different collaboration tools and the most helpful so far have been Asana, Confluence, and iDoneThis.

Collin Vine
Co-founder, Zirtual



I kept the 32 pounds off that I lost this spring. That’s never happened before, and it’s all because I kept riding my bike — 21-22 miles most days — all year. It helps that I put my weight down each day in my iDoneThis posting. Keeps me from letting it slide.

Ken Franklin



We’re the largest employee benefit consulting firm in Florida and saw 26% growth in 2013. (iDoneThis has also become a regular part of our consultants’ day, a quick e-huddle to see colleagues’ activities and how team members can help one another.)

Joe Part
Founder, AllTrust Insurance



We have reached 600 restaurants, 3 million diners, and 6 million revenue this year.

Alex Chen
Co-founder & CEO, EZTABLE



My creative voice, in hibernation since I was a young adult came back. I started sharing my done poems with those who appeared in them. And I also found the courage to use poetry as a tool in my work.

This year I have been commissioned by one of my clients to write their story and a companion volume of poetry. I’ve also felt ready to finish my own book, long buried and half done for ten years.

Stephanie Pietkiewicz
iDoneThis poet laureate



This year we facilitated many thousands of awesome first dates.

Bryan Woods
Developer, HowAboutWe



Got this new gig at Spotify’s first joint venture, a new enterprise-is-sexy startup in hot Stockholm.

Oskar Boethius Lissheim
Lead Developer iOS, Soundtrack Your Brand



We rolled out the One Click Website. It allows anyone to get a website in just one click. It was a very tight timeline for us to roll out this feature, and since we were using iDoneThis to update everyone on a daily basis, we kept everyone moving fast.

David Chen
Co-founder & CEO, Strikingly



The most awesome thing I achieved this year was a true understanding of setting and achieving goals. I have a bad habit of giving myself too many things to do. Getting things done is more about confidence and self-awareness than organization. Much more.

There’s no strain like before. I’m moving at a relaxing pace, but my focus and confidence gives me certainty they will be achieved. I’m also, for once, aware that I have the right goals in mind. It’s awesome.

Sean Foo



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