8 Awesome Tech & Startup Newsletters You Should be Reading

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By Janet Choi

While we’re launching our own exciting newsletter here at I Done This, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites from the tech and startup world.*

The common thread running among these eight tech and startup newsletters is a sense of community and care, that these curators and creators want to share content that bestows value and connection. Subscribe to these startup newsletters not only to stay up-to-date but to help yourself, your teams, and your communities grow.

1.   Technology & Leadership News

Technology & Leadership News startup newsletter

Kate Matsudaira and Kate Stull’s TLN is the gourmet grocery of newsletters, providing a luscious trove of links on subjects ranging from product to process to productivity, as well as skimmable commentary if you aren’t feeling click-happy.

TLN is like getting the best links in your in-the-know tech friends’ Twitter feeds all in one place. Subscribe if you want an intelligent, comprehensive startup newsletter, generally sent on Sundays or Mondays, to start your week off hip to the tech groove.

2.   Software Lead Weekly

Software Lead Weekly startup newsletter

Oren Ellenbogen’s Software Lead Weekly leans towards practical pieces and lessons learned on topics of culture, managing yourself and people, and entrepreneurship.

SLW has some thoughtful bonuses for the busy reader, with time investment estimates and a 1-click “read later” integration with Pocket and Instapaper. Oren also provides a handy Trello board of newsletter issues, including the upcoming week’s edition-in-progress.

Subscribe if you want a mini-conference about tech and management held in your inbox every Friday, with a max of about 8 posts, to round out your workweek.

3.   500startups

500 Startups Weekly startup newsletter

Curated by LaunchBit’s Elizabeth Yin, the 500 Startups Newsletter is a roundup of the best blog posts by founders and mentors from 500 Startups, a startup accelerator program, and community.

This is a snack-sized, sometimes-themed startup newsletter, with a max of five links. Subscribe if you’d like a quick dose of entrepreneurial mentorship every Thursday.

4.   Startup Edition

Startup Edition startup newsletter

Ryan Hoover’s novel Startup Edition gathers folks in the startup community to drop some weekly knowledge by responding to a single question like “What’s the greatest startup hack you’ve seen?”.

After a short introduction to the topic of the week, the email dives right into links to contributors’ answers on their respective blogs. Subscribe if you’re eager to hear what founders, hackers, marketers, and other interesting people have to say in a Startup Townhall of sorts every Tuesday.

5.   Quibb

Quibb startup newsletter

Sandi MacPherson’s Quibb is a new engaging way to share what you read for work, with a follower model, focused newsfeed, and a commenting feature. With initial membership limited to professionals in the tech and startup realm, Quibb will eventually expand to additional industries.

In short, Quibb is a “Reddit for professionals”, and its weekday digest, the Quibb Daily, provides a handy roundup of the top links from the people you follow. Right now, Quibb is invite-only, so ask around and keep an eye out for this useful content-sharing platform.

6.   The Fetch

The Fetch startup newsletter

Kate Kendall’s startup newsletter The Fetch collects the best events, meetups, and conferences for technologists, creatives, and entrepreneurs. Now with 11 location-based editions (including San Francisco, London, and most recently, New York), the Fetch spotlights events like “Designing Habits with Nir Eyal” and “Writing/Content Strategy at Pinterest.”

The Fetch is your professional city guide, with startup job postings and a no-frills collection of link love. Subscribe to start each week discovering what exciting business, tech, and creative events are playing in your town.

7.   #awesomewomen


Stacy-Marie Ishmael’s #awesomewomen newsletter provides a compact punch of commentary and links to thought-provoking content on subjects ranging from productivity to leaning in. Also included are helpful resources such as job announcements and invitations to events hosted or endorsed by Stacy-Marie.

Every Sunday, #awesomewomen provides food for thought regarding work and life for the rest of the week and reminds you to stretch a bit higher, with confidence and kindness. Subscribe if you’re an awesome woman or supporter of awesome women.

8.   Uncommon


Inspired by the slow web movement, Brian Bailey has created an Uncommon community, a kind of “front porch for the Internet.” The Uncommon weekly dispatch features friendly, personal tidbits and thoughts from individuals rather than announcements and messaging from companies and brands.

Every edition brings you one story, a prompt to share your insights and inspiration, curated answers to last week’s prompt, and good reads on slowing down. Subscribe to take a breather from your busy life and hang out on that friendly Internet front porch every Tuesday or Wednesday to have a conversation about the little and large things that matter.

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*Our roundup did not include newsletters published by individuals on behalf of their own personal blog or business. And if you’re looking for some startups that publish the kind of smart, helpful newsletters we admire, check out LoyalCXHelp ScoutWistia, and Skillcrush!


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