3 Reasons to Embrace Your Team’s New Workflow Tool

Your first email of the day is an announcement from management: next week, the whole team has to replace a tool you all rely on with something new. You groan and facepalm. It’s hard enough to keep up with everything as it is—you try new workflow tools all the time. As you work, you bounce between email, Slack, Telegram and Skype. You’ve got Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote on tap.


The average American office worker changes windows around 37 times an hour, which feels like too many, but there’s no way around it: employees these days aren’t going to get anywhere unless they’re extremely tech-savvy. Don’t be that person who still uses dial-up in 2016.

The companies that destroy the competition win because they’re “digitally mature,” meaning they quickly adapt their business to cutting edge technology. The maturest of the mature have been christened “the digirati.”

Your employer’s success depends on your ability to take on new tech and incorporate it into the company’s culture and processes. New workflow tools aren’t a pain—they’re pivotal. Here’s why.

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How to Manage the Distinct Personalities of your Remote Team

So you think it’s time for your company to take the plunge and go remote. While you and your team begin to hammer out the details, new concerns bubble up—what if your staff burn out or fall through the cracks? Managing a team with such diverse personalities is tricky enough when you’re under one roof—you can only imagine how it’s going to be once everyone disperses.

Of course, some personalities are better suited for remote work than others. Some members of your remote team will punch the air and run home when you announce that you’re going remote. Others might glance hopelessly around at their office friends, at their favorite desk, at the cozy couch, and not know how to deal.

You can’t 100% predict who will love working remotely and who’ll flounder, but if you’re prepared, you can meet each member of your team halfway to set them up for success.

Here’s a breakdown of the different characters you might have on your team, and how to help them through the transition so they’ll thrive in your (newly) remote business.

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