5 Tips for Unconventional Productivity!

After waking up at 5 in the morning every day including weekends, Jennifer spends next one hour with nature. Her morning routine includes a gentle walk, vigorous exercise, and deep meditation. Next, she prepares breakfast and lunch for her family and kids and drops her children to school. Her work begins at 10 am when she teaches French via online mode for two hours.

After that, she spends 4 hours writing and promoting her health and fitness blog. Every evening she ensures that she spends ample time with her kids by cooking them their favorite dish and taking them out to a park. For her, productivity is about completing important tasks before they become an urgency.

John finds it hard to wake up every morning. Although he has a cook to prepare his breakfast for most of the time he eats it while driving. He spends the first hour to settle down in his office and create his to-do list. He works till late in the office and reaches home late. So, his life is between Saturday and Sunday which he spends partying with friends. And the same story continues on Monday. He finds no time for his health, fitness, and forget about family.

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