3 Ways to Prioritize Product Development with Matrices

Even the most organized people only have so much time, which makes prioritizing work all the more important. But how do you prioritize which tasks or product features to focus on when you’re faced with dozens of potential opportunities and a small army of stakeholders? Matrices are simple organizational tools that can help you and … Read more

12 Business Psychology Books For Managers Who Want To Lead

business psychology books

If you’re not careful, you can spend your entire day trying to keep up.

As a manager, your to-do list never really seems to shrink. You know your success somehow lies in getting ahead—that’s what keeps you coming back to the list—but chipping away at that mountain of tasks can quickly become unproductive.

Sometimes, being a good manager means taking the time to step away from your daily tasks. Counterintuitively, one of the best ways to get ahead is to look backward.

Books might not seem to contain the most pressing information, but with a close reading, you can learn more deeply than other mediums allow. With their lessons, experiences, and principles in mind, you can transform your management style in a way that gets you further ahead in the long-term.

We’ve gathered 12 of the best business psychology books that’ll give you insight into management, hiring, and persuasion.

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