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Category: Company Culture

How Managers Can 10X Their Productivity with Writing

Managing a team well requires expert communication. Holding meetings and using project management software systems do not equate to effective management. Effective management means aligning your team through goals, inspiring

Scaling Your Business Without Losing Your Culture

Aside from “innovation,” few buzzwords carry as little real meaning in Silicon Valley and the broader tech sector than “culture.” While countless startups and established companies alike have seized upon

3 Ways to Create a Culture of Documentation

At many companies, documentation isn’t a core part of their internal operations, but a laborious chore to be managed; a way to prove that a meeting or conversation took place,

How to cultivate a culture of open feedback

Giving feedback can be terrifying. You’re often afraid of being too direct and setting a team member on the defensive. Or you’re worried that you’ll temper criticism with too much