Audrey Tan Dips the Ink

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Audrey Tan, founder of Waggit, has a neat productivity trick she calls “dip the ink” that keeps the work flow going after breaks and interruptions:

If a friend asks me to take a coffee break or someone starts hovering at your desk as a sign they want to chat, I say – ‘gimme one sec’, get to a good stopping place, PLUS a little extra work on my next task.   I simply dip the ink.  If I’m writing an email, I’ll finish the one I’m doing – then I’ll start composing the first few lines of the next email.  This way, when I come back – I avoid having to think about what to do next.  It’s easier to dive back in and my work flow is less disrupted.

Check out the rest of Audrey’s blog for a look behind the scenes of the startup life.

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