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Qualaroo has been leveraging I Done This to continuously improve their ops, communication, and efficiency. Their team wanted to streamline their weekly all-hands on deck meeting process.

The Qualaroo team was slogging through a Google document maze for weekly meetings but switched over to I Done This 100% to run more effective meetings. At the start of the week they now list their goals with a #weekly in I Done This. Every day they see how their team is progressing against their weekly goals.

The team limits each team member to five talking points from their #weekly entries and the rest of the entries were reviewed independently on I Done This. Any communication that involves one other person or small group would be moved to after the meeting to ensure  a speedy meeting. Qualaroo’s CEO, Brad Wittwer, called ecstatically about how I Done This just saved everyone on the team 30 minutes. After doing the math, this was a huge cost savings for them. From Brad, “I Done This just cut down our all-hands meeting by 33%, which means you just saved us thousands of dollars.”

Qualaroo empowers companies to understand their customers with real-time survey solutions. Their customers build better products, create cycles of improvement, and make better-informed decisions. Qualaroo encourages teams to ask the Six Golden Question–your customers know the answers, you just need to ask the right questions at the right time. Analytics tells you what people are doing, Qualaroo tells you why.

Given their I Done This love, Qualaroo is offering one month free for all I Done This customers.

Click here for a free month of Qualaroo insights

Click here for a free month of Qualaroo insights on your customers. If you stick around, they might even throw in some famous Qualaroot Beer.


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