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I’ve learned that if I’m thinking about my productivity tools, I don’t have enough enthusiasm for my projects.

— C.J. Chilvers, Rethinking Productivity for Creatives.

Fabian Kruse writes about “the loop” inherent to getting anything done, and the idea that periods of procrastination, having doubts, and losing momentum are just part of that natural productivity cycle. So, while productivity tools and techniques are valuable, they don’t necessarily prevent the slower parts of “the loop” from happening again. In fact, they become a part of the loop.

The reason why I hate productivity systems is because they easily become a dominant part of “the loop”. And once they become a dominant part of the loop, they become a problem. A problem that keeps creatives from focusing on what matters – and from doing what they want to do because their muse is calling.

While Kruse focuses on the lives of “creative” people, his post applies to pretty much everyone as a reminder that productivity systems are tools and managers, not creations. At the end of the day, there’s no point in having “make a to-do list” on your to-do list.

C.J. Chilvers also writes about the paradox of productivity tools and the struggle that remains in getting important things done. The solution, for him, has been that “the easier a system is, the more will get done.”

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