Productivity for a Good Day’s Work

Look at the progress of the day towards the end and ask yourself: ‘Have I done a good day’s work?’

Answering that question is liberating….

It feels good to be productive. If yesterday was a good day’s work, chances are you’ll keep the roll. And if you can keep the roll, everything else will probably take care of itself.

37signals’s David Heinemeier Hansson writes in his post, A good day’s work, about the frustration from those ever-continuous waves of work that lap up against our mind’s shore.

David’s helpful suggestion to deal with that worried and anxious mind is to simply reflect on the day that’s just passed. Oftentimes, you’ve done a great day’s work. Leave your work knowing that you’re ready and primed to have a great day of accomplishments tomorrow.

So ask yourself: “Have I done a good day’s work?” and keep that roll going!

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