How PagerDuty Gets Intelligent Messaging Across

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By I Done This Support

Systems down? Who you gonna call? PagerDuty is on it! The service dispatches alerts collected from system monitoring tools through email, SMS, phone, and mobile and provides no-fuss on-call management.

PagerDuty is all about intelligent messaging, integrating with tools you already have to notify the right person to deal with the problem, based on schedule and situation.

We’re fans of how PagerDuty promotes efficient, effective communication.  The company carries over this value to its inner workings as well, implementing iDoneThis in place of its old daily stand-up meetings. “Instead of adding more meetings, I can see what everyone is up to by simply checking my email,” saysPagerDuty co-founder and CTO, Andrew Miklas. ”The iDoneThis digests are the first thing I read every morning. I glance through them on my phone before I even get out of bed.”

Launched in 2009, the company has grown to seventeen employees, with three main teams, dealing with operations, product, and messaging. Going through stand-up meetings with seventeen people got old fast, because of inconsistent staff attendance, and as Andrew explains, “some people just don’t like the daily stand-ups.”

Stand-ups can be intrusive and put people on the spot. A team leader who thought they were ineffective was the one to nudge PagerDuty to replace their meetings with iDoneThis. Now, PagerDuty’s staff are more responsive reporting in writing and can keep tabs on what’s going on by subscribing to a group.

While Andrew acknowledged the difficulty of a growing startup to find the right alignment of tools for getting stuff done, he has found that iDoneThis scales well as dev teams are added. “One of the things with iDoneThis that people really like is that it’s so unstructured.” Instead of having to make a ticket to record how you spent time interviewing people for two hours, for example, and then marking it as complete, “with iDoneThis, they can just say it.

We’re delighted that we can help the PagerDuty team to just say all the awesome stuff they get done in order to be ever reliable in urgent situations to sound the alarm.


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