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Category: People Management

New Approaches to Teaching Teamwork Skills

It’s no secret that AI will change the job market. An estimated 10.5 million jobs  are at “high risk” of getting replaced due to automation and new technology, and 80% of employees

How to Make the Most of Your Summer Intern

Every year, a slew of young college students swarm your office looking completely clueless. Though they’re meant to help you and your colleagues out for a season, sometimes it feels

The State of Human Resources (Before I Done This)

Human resources needs a swift kick in the butt. I say this based on experience — I’ve done a lot of back-office work while running TypeFrag, Carbonmade and other companies.

The Dangers of Knowledge Hoarding

Just like the poor souls on Hoarders, you may not realize you have a problem. Think of all those little times in the day when you stop what you’re doing