Introducing iDoneThis for Slack

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve built iDoneThis for Slack, a super simple way to track your daily accomplishments in Slack.

iDoneThis for Slack

Send your dones in Slack simply by using the slash command /done.

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See what people are getting done without having to ask or log on to the web. Just switch over to your #dones channel on Slack.

Go here to set it up and check out other integrations on our apps page.

First, Email—Next, the World

iDoneThis started as an easy way to use email to track your progress. We’d email you asking, “What’d you get done today?” All you had to do was reply to the email with your accomplishments, and we’d record them for you.

People loved that because they were spending so much time in their email anyway, so we were saving you time from having to switch back and forth between their email and another website.

Nowadays, you all have been telling us: I use a bunch of different tools to manage my day—Slack, HipChat, Google Calendar, Asana, and more—and email is just one of those tools.

That’s inspired us to make iDoneThis work better with all of the tools you use at work, not just email.

We created our API to lay the groundwork for easy integration with other tools, and we intend to build a few of these integrations ourselves over the coming weeks to see whether it scratches an itch for you.


One of the things we’re most proud of here at iDoneThis is that we’ve helped our people get over 15,000,000 things done. dpw

Over the coming months, we want to make it much easier to track what you get done every day, and that means adding product integrations and revamping our site.

We’d love to hear from you on what you like most and what’s bugging you most about iDoneThis.  Email me directly here.

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