How A Team of 3 Needed I Done This to Stay In Sync and Prioritize Work

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By Evan

The Brief

Productivity is everything at startups. And, with all the chaos that happens at startups (growth, hiring, legal – you name it), it’s easy to lose sight on tracking your productivity.

That’s where Markitors found themselves last year.

Markitors Team

Markitors is a growing digital marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona with 3 full time employees and 15 small business clients. If you Google “digital marketing company”, Markitors usually appears on the first page of the search engine results. As a result, you’ll find a lot of the chaos at Markitors that you’d find in a typical startup. Onboarding new employees. Finding new office space. Delivering results for clients. Making sure deliverables are met. And, ensuring that the company is operating at max productivity to bring on employee #4.

Challenge and Outcomes

The organization was not as productive as it could be, so Markitors decided to invest in using I Done This. The team decided that responding to one daily email with their “dones” would not only help the organization track productivity, but it would also help the team to focus on the company’s top daily priorities.

Responding to I Done This’s evening email brought productivity problems to the surface for the whole team. After being far removed from the day-to-day routines of each team member daily activities, now everyone could learn what everyone was working on. As it turned out, stuff that was getting “done” had a lot of crossover with what other team members were accomplishing.

Fortunately, I Done This keeps track of all dones in a Team’s done list. After a month of using I Done This, the Markitors team was able to recognize where there was a crossover of work among clients and restructure work assignments accordingly heading into the next month.

Now a customer for months, the Markitors team loves using I Done This to prevent remote silos – even in small teams – and to celebrate accomplishments with consistent communication.

“I’d recommend I Done This for any startup looking to better track their productivity,” says Markitors founder, Brett Farmiloe. “Not only does the platform help us track individual progress, but it helps put everyone on the same page to work together for the same thing. We view I Done This as an essential tool to our future success.” Brett is such a big fan of I Done This he recommends it as a key start up tool all the time like on small biz technology and business.com.

The moral of the story? Even small teams of 3 need some perspective on what needs improvement.

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