How to Master the Art of To-Do Lists by Understanding Why They Fail

to-do lists

The to-do list is an inescapable, age-old productivity tool. It is our very human attempt to create order in our disorderly lives and express our ability to impose self-control. Most of us, including to-do list haters, keep one, and the fact is, they can work when you find the to-do method that works for you. … Read more

The 15 Best Productivity Podcasts of 2023

Listening to the best productivity podcasts are a great way to spend your downtime.  With the average commute time in the United States at 25.4 minutes, a podcast can fit perfectly within that time frame.  Rather than tuning out to the same playlist you hear every day, tune into a podcast — specifically about productivity.

Below is a list of the 15 best productivity podcasts to listen to in 2023

Without further ado, here is our list of the best productivity podcasts that will teach you the tips and tools needed to better manage your time so you can get more done each day.

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How We Grew a Six-Figure Email List

When we first started I Done This, we had no subscriber list. But eventually we grew one six-figures in size — all because we offered people something for free. You just have to remember that addresses are valuable commodities: people are generally reluctant to give theirs up unless they’re going to get something of value in return.

Give people something in exchange for their email addresses and you'll grow a six-figure list.




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Do Business Globally and Manage Remote Teams Locally

RingCaptcha makes it look easy to secure the world

RingCaptcha makes your phone number the new user ID with SMS authentication. P

The Internet makes it a no-brainer to run a global business with a tiny staff, but for most ventures that means a direct mail operation out of a single office. Imagine setting up physical infrastructure in 195 countries with a lean team — if that sounds impossible, you might not have heard of RingCaptcha yet.

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I Done This: Short Post, Best Post?

The more you write on your “Done List,” the less likely your co-workers are to read what you write. 81% of educated people don’t even read what they see—they skim.

I Done This 2.0 automatically sets the default length of a Done List post at about 12 words. We’ll never limit the amount of words you post, but the default setting encourages you to fit your post on one line, like this:


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