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How to Perform 20% Better By Doing Less Work

The power of self-reflection is simple but mighty. It’s how you recognize and celebrate progress, gain nourishing motivation, and detach from the workday. Successful people like David

The Write Habit: The Best of the Internet

Happy Weekend! Catch up with the best of what we’ve shared on the interwebs this week! (And apologies for the hiccup with yesterday’s post.) Our

Leverage the Progress Principle with iDoneThis

We’ve written before about the secret to happiness and motivation at work. Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile and psychologist Steven Kramer wrote a whole

Collaboration is Noisy

When did work become so noisy? I don’t just mean the ambient noise, that clickity-clackity typing, strangely noticeable chewing, annoying finger tapping, and chit-chatting hubbub

The Ultimate Productivity Instrument is You

In this modern age of gizmos and gadgets, the best productivity app is you. Benjamin Franklin, that historical grand master of productivity who did pretty