Welcome Tony Doran to the iDoneThis Team!

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By I Done This Support

We’re super excited to welcome Tony Doran to the iDoneThis team!

Tony learned about us by landing on one of our popular guest blog posts on the science of motivation, discussing the significant impact emotion has on us at work and how managers misunderstand what motivates employees. The post resonated with Tony because he was in a stressful working situation himself, with management issues brought on by fast scaling-up of staff and office politics in an environment that wasn’t open to communication and collaboration.

Tony found that he dug the simplicity and elegance of the service we offered. We’re thrilled that he’ll be helping us out with web development, improving our web UI, and getting us just as excited as he is about data visualization.

Tony Doran

Tony has a strong background in math, with a B.A. in math from Wheaton College, experience presenting at mathematics conferences, and a masters in math education from N.Y.U. Meanwhile, pitching in on casual web projects for friends and acquaintances eventually led to full-time donning of web developer and programmer hats at companies including Ordr.in, a TechStars company, and Acadaca, developing ecommerce platforms on Amazon EC2.

While he sustains his mathematical interests, Tony also keeps score in competitive ping-pong, plays numerous musical instruments, and adds up the traveling miles, including his most recent trip to Shanghai, where he was accosted by a monkey.

Follow Tony on Twitter @aedoran, and say hi at tony@idonethis.com.


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