Work Productivity Hacks 2021: Five Tips To Boost Office Efficiency

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By Susan Nudelman

Work productivity hacks is something any business and/or individual could use to help boost work performance. From productivity software to all the best tools and techniques, the right changes can make a real difference when it comes to productivity. Below we cover key work productivity hacks that will have you feeling accomplished when you leave work at the end of the day.

David Fallarme shared a few tips about the afternoon slump a few days back but today, we’ll focus on Work Productivity Hacks in particular.

1. Incorporate a free work day into the week

No, we are not talking about taking the day off. We are talking about incorporating a day that is free from appointments, meetings or designated tasks. By doing this, you are able to use that free day to work on any projects without any interruptions.

2. Try Out The Pomodoro Technique

Invented by software developer Paul Klipp, the Pomodoro Technique is a key work productivity hack. It consists of putting in intense work for 25 minutes and then taking 5-minute breaks. The thought process is that you will be able to focus that much better on one single task instead of multi-tasking and wasting hours of precious time on multi-tasking.

3. Use Post-It Notes

A great work productivity hack is to jot down your three most important tasks at the beginning of every work day. By implementing a habit like this, you know where you need to focus. It will help you also see how to organize the rest of your tasks as well as how to delegate tasks to other teammates.

4. Try the “2 minute rule”

Within David Allen’s bestselling book, Getting Things Done, there is a powerful technique that is a great work productivity hack. If you have a small task that can be completed within 2 minutes, get it done right then and there. This “obvious” hack is a key way to keep procrastination at bay.

5. Have A Plan For Your Email

Checking email is one of the most invasive time suckers. According to Entrepreneur.com, Americans spend about 11 hours per week on email. The best work productivity hack that will help you avoid your email from taking over, is to set up a schedule for your email. Unless it is absolutely necessary, emails do not need to be responded to the moment they hit your inbox. You should come up with a time for when you will check your email and when you will respond. Any easy set-up is to do this morning, afternoon and evening. By doing this, you will be able to focus on whatever task you have in front of you.


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