200 Business Applications For Your Relationship Stack

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By Walker Donohue

Our relationships with customers are more complex than ever before.

Conversations start months before a purchase and continue for months afterwards. Our interactions span dozens of channels, from phone calls to email to live chat. Increasingly, customers have no single point of contact: marketers, sellers, developers, and support reps all influence our customer relationships.

In the Relationship Era, companies can no longer rely on all-in-one sales suites, and have to provide flexible technology that teams can leverage in any department: Marketing, Sales, Success, Operations, Finance, Creative, Account Management, and more. This has forced the need for every company to build their own relationship stack: a toolkit of specialized, best-in-class applications.

To help you get started on your own relationship stack, we’re showcasing 200 of the most customer-centric sales, marketing and operations products going — each designed to create truly remarkable customer experiences.

Marketing Automation


1.Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email automation platform designed for easy, effective customization of every facet of your campaigns: subject lines, layout, imagery and copy. With detailed list building and smart segmentation, it’s perfect for sharing the right message with customers at the right time.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing automation platform, designed for setting up simple, hassle-free marketing funnels. From their first landing page visit to their tenth purchase, GetResponse’s toolkit contains everything needed to create a clear, personalized customer journey.

3. Pushover

Pushover adds mobile push notification functionality to dozens of websites, apps, and services. Whether you’re pushing out lead updates to your sales team, updating support reps when new tickets are logged, or letting customers know when a product is back in stock, you can send real-time updates straight to their phones.


Mailchimp is the world’s largest email marketing platform. It pairs drag-and-drop email templates with segmentation and personalization to make it easy for anyone — from sellers to support reps — to send personalized, engaging emails to your customers.

5. Sumo

Sumo’s suite of no-code tools brings a wealth of marketing functionality to any website, combining landing pages, social share buttons and behaviorally triggered pop-ups to create a seamless path through your site, from visitor to prospect.


Sendinblue is a combined email and SMS messaging platform. Whether you’re creating automated transactional messages to follow up every sale, or orchestrating a wide-reaching marketing campaign, the tool’s simple drag-and-drop interface makes messaging your customers easier than ever.


Drip is an intelligent marketing automation tool designed to go beyond simple email blasts and make use of customer data — their interests and behavior — to send email and social media messages that actually get opened.

8. Customer.io

Customer.io brings a wealth of customer data to bear on your email campaigns, creating an interactive stream of customer behavior — gleaned from email engagement, website interactions and in-app activity — and using it to send the perfect email message, at the perfect time.


Sure, HubSpot has a basic CRM — but it’s email automation and content management where the platform really shines. Combining an intuitive WYSIWYG content editor with in-depth reporting and analytics, HubSpot is a great choice for hosting your website and boosting your content creation.


GatedContent.com is a powerful, customizable content gating solution. Designed to connect seamlessly with your marketing automation platform (MAP), GatedContent.com’s intuitive back end is designed to help marketers and website authors quickly gate whitepapers, webinars and all forms of content — with no development expertise required.

11. Leanplum

A huge portion of the customer journey takes place on mobile devices — a fact that many marketing and analytics platforms ignore. Leanplum is a dedicated mobile-first marketing platform designed to drive engagement through mobile-friendly features like in-app messaging and push notifications.


Geared towards retail and media companies, Sailthru is designed for the personalization of individual customer experiences, regardless of platform. Whether in-app, on the website or via email, it’s a perfect tool for building 1:1 relationships at scale.

Paid Advertising


13. Adbeat

Adbeat’s competitive intelligence platform provides data-driven, real-world insights into the dos and don’ts of paid advertising. While your competitors frustrate prospects with invasive, ineffectual ad campaigns, you can focus your paid acquisition on the campaigns that educate, inspire and convert.


Not all Facebook adverts are created equal. AdEspresso makes it quick and easy to create, optimize and test your Facebook ads, ensuring that your prospects see only the most relevant, engaging ads, while you reap the rewards of lower costs and greater conversions.


Moat digs deep into the ROI of hard-to-measure marketing initiatives — like video marketing, ad spend, and content creation — and uncovers clear, actionable metrics. Measuring hundreds of metrics across dozens of platforms, Moat makes it easy to quantify every aspect of your marketing performance.


Dataxu brings cutting-edge AI to the world of advertising. Amidst a plethora of features, its programmatic ad buying platform uses machine learning to optimize ad campaigns in real-time, hitting specific performance goals using one of dataxu’s predefined algorithms.

17. Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel’s (recently acquired) programmatic marketing platform brings the power of automation and AI to bear on paid advertising. Designed to compete with ubiquitous ad networks like Facebook, Rocket Fuel is designed for smarter, data-driven recommendations — helping campaign managers get the best “bang” for their buck.


Great adverts are timely: they appear right when you need them, without disrupting your workflow. AdWords provides your business with the tools needed to show would-be customers relevant, engaging ads at just the right time: when they’re using Google to answer a question.

19. SpyFu

When you’re competing against a bigger company with a bigger marketing budget, you can uncover lucrative growth channels just by analyzing their marketing strategy. SpyFu is competitor intelligence for SEO, allowing you to deep-dive into the keyword and paid advertising strategies used by your rivals.

20. Wordstream

WordStream’s value proposition is simple: 40 hours of PPC analysis in 60 seconds or less. Instead of relying on manual labor to trawl through thousands of ad impressions, WordStream uses a toolkit of analysis and optimization tools to automate the entire process, improving ad spend in minutes — not hours.

21. LinkedIn Ads

Despite a smaller reach than Facebook, LinkedIn has the benefit of being a dedicated professional network. Already a haunt for sellers of all types, LinkedIn’s advertising platform adds extra channels for connecting to right-fit prospects — including sponsored updates and traditional ad placements.

22. Facebook Ads

Facebook has over two billion monthly active users, alongside 500 million users that log in to Instagram on a daily basis. Facebook Ads are the best way to reach both audiences, making it easy to home in on your ideal audience, lock in your ad spend and share great content, offers and products.

23. Marin Software

Marin Software pulls together the fragmented world of social media advertising and search advertising, with a particular focus on facilitating collaboration between cross-channel teams. Offering keyword expansion, insight-based buying and detailed analytics, it’s perfect for managing every aspect of paid advertising.

Social Media Marketing



Hootsuite solves the problem of fragmented social media communication, allowing you to manage all the major social media channels — and the valuable customer conversations found within — from a single, intuitive dashboard. With powerful search functionality, it’s easy to find new relationship-building opportunities as soon as they appear.


Question-and-answer sites like Quora play a growing role in the buying process, allowing would-be customers to research problems, products and potential vendors. By engaging with the Quora community, it’s possible to uncover masses of customer insight and even connect with new prospects.


Sharing social media messages is laborious and interruptive, so Buffer makes it easy to create a queue of posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can share social messages at the perfect time — when your audience is active and engaged — without having to clock-watch and disrupt the rest of your day.

27. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar brings AI to bear on your social media accounts: just add your blog’s RSS feed, connect your social media accounts, and watch as MeetEdgar automatically fills your schedule with a never-ending stream of engaging evergreen content.


And of course we have to mention LinkedIn, the relationship-builder’s best friend. With a free account you can find, connect and engage with virtually any prospect; with the extra functionality added by Sales Navigator, you can unlock intelligent prospect recommendations, CRM integration, and real-time sales insights.

29.Facebook for Business

Facebook is fast becoming one of the world’s most powerful growth tools. Facebook’s Pages allow you to build a community of customers; Messenger facilitates personal, one-on-one communication; and the Facebook ad network allows you to reach a potential audience of millions.

30.Sprout social

Sprout Social is a collaborative social media management platform designed to make the end-to-end process of using social media — creating content, sharing it in a timely fashion, and learning from past performance — as quick and purposeful as possible.


TweetDeck provides a powerful back end to complement Twitter’s clean, simple front-end experience, pulling together all of the platform’s marketing functionality — list building, direct messages and analytics — into a single dashboard.


Opportunities to build relationships with customers aren’t restricted solely to your website. Mention’s real-time media monitoring scours the whole web — social media, Q&A forums, review sites — to help you find, prioritize and respond to new mentions of your business, brand or products.




Syte can turn any photograph — whether from social media, a company website or a smartphone — into actionable shopping recommendations, connecting to your product database and finding the items that best match the image. Instead of searching thousands of T-shirts, customers can upload an image and browse only the products that match their desired style.


Volusion offers an all-in-one e-commerce platform with a powerful site builder, designed for creating visually striking, data-rich product pages in a matter of minutes. Instead of forcing users to wade through a complex, hard-to-navigate storefront, Volusion makes it easy to create an engaging, intuitive sales experience.


Shopify is built to create a frictionless purchase experience for virtually any website. Instead of patching together dozens of standalone services — your online storefront, order processing, inventory management and order fulfillment — Shopify presents your customers with a clear, cohesive checkout experience.


The importance of web design isn’t restricted to e-commerce. Squarespace provides everything required to get up and running with a beautiful, eye-catching website, combining expertly designed templates, simple hosting and a marketing toolkit to help scale your success.

37.Moz Local

For companies with a physical premise, managing your online footprint — your location listings, customer reviews and visitor check-ins — is more important than ever. Moz Local helps centralizes the entire process into a single dashboard, allowing you to spend more time serving customers and less time worrying about your online presence.

38. Bread

The payment experience is an essential, but underrated, aspect of your customer’s e-commerce experience. Bread offers white-labeled, customizable tools that enable retailers to give their customers flexible pricing options.

Referral and Event Marketing



Happy customers are one of the strongest growth channels at your disposal. Extole’s referral marketing platform capitalizes on customer advocacy with multi-platform, easy-to-implement referral programs and loyalty schemes, helping turn happy customers into your brand’s biggest evangelists.


Physical events offer a rare and powerful opportunity to make a personal connection with your customers. Eventbrite provides everything you’ll need to get started with event marketing, from event registration pages and ticketing systems, all the way through to analyzing post-event performance.


Influitive brings scalability to customer advocacy. Instead of managing feedback and testimonials across spreadsheets and email, the platform is designed to centralize the entire process — sourcing references and reviews, and showcasing customer stories — into a single dashboard.


Channel partner programs can dramatically accelerate growth, but setting-up, optimizing, and managing a program can be complicated and time-consuming. Allbound is designed to streamline the entire process, centralizing every aspect of running a profitable partnership into an all-in-one PRM (partner relationship management) dashboard.

43. Viral Loops

Viral Loops is designed to bring predictability to the notoriously fickle world of viral marketing. Offering a toolkit of tried-and-tested viral “templates,” the tool makes it quick and easy to set up referral programs, giveaways, and pre-launch programs.


ViralSweep uses native integrations with dozens of platforms, from Squarespace to Shopify, to bring the power of viral marketing to virtually every marketing channel at a company’s disposal — making sweepstakes, contests and instant win rewards quick and easy to set up.

Search Engine Optimization



Eighty percent of clicks from Google search results go to organic content, so RankScience applies automatic split testing to your website’s HTML. Title tags, headings, meta-tags and more are all optimized to fit in with the latest best practices and continually improve your SEO performance.

46.Google Analytics

For many companies, Google’s own analytics platform is the first port of call for generating simple performance reports: website traffic, conversions, bounce rates, and so on. But beneath Google Analytics’ hood is a powerhouse of advanced functionality and, with the right user at the helm, reporting that can rival any paid platform.


Educational website pages and blog posts play a growing role in the customer journey. Ahrefs provides the data and insight required to ensure that this helpful content climbs the search rankings, making it easier than ever to answer your would-be customers’ crucial questions and plant the seeds of a fruitful relationship.


SEMrush provides a wealth of insight into search and social marketing strategies, offering technical SEO auditing tools, competitor intelligence, rank tracking, and paid advertising reports amidst dozens of other features.


Alongside a market-leading toolkit of SEO and keyword research tools, Moz is famed for its community-led digital marketing resources, pooling the insights of 600,000 members to help SMBs improve their online presence and search rankings.

50. Alexa

Alexa offers a wealth of digital marketing tools, including keyword research, competitive website analysis, and a backlink checker. Alexa has a relatively low barrier to entry among similar SEO tools, and makes it easy to visualize the data you’re analyzing.

Web Analytics, Heat Maps and Optimization



In a world swimming in data, it’s harder than ever to surface the actionable ideas buried within our information. DataHero is designed to help, using native integrations with dozens of common data sources — CRMs, marketing automation, cloud storage — to automatically create recommendations and visualizations from any data set.

52.Crazy Egg

While some tools force their users to translate dry website data into useful insights, Crazy Egg relies on highly visual heat mapping and screen recording tools to actually show you useful customer insight. Paired with A/B testing tools, it’s a one-stop-shop for optimizing your website pages.

53.Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange has pulled together a comprehensive suite of website analytics tools offering visitor recordings, heatmaps and form analytics. With a single pricing tier of $10 per month, it’s a perfect starting point for small businesses keen to improve their customer experience.


The shift to subscriptions is one of the core changes at the heart of the Relationship Era, and ChartMogul is a valuable aid for any business that’s made the change. With a comprehensive suite of subscription analytics and revenue recognition tools, it’s an essential tool for any subscription business.


Taplytics brings a suite of powerful experimentation tools to bear on “anything you can see and touch on your website.” Instead of guessing which navigation items, headers and CTAs will best engage your visitors, the tool’s advanced A/B testing and analytics provide a data-driven answer.


Chartio’s data analytics platform caters to the needs of everyone in a company, offering a huge range of features that run the gamut from technical to non-technical — offering SQL and interactive query modes for developers, and dashboards and drill-down reports for executives and managers.


For many companies, getting data isn’t a challenge — but understanding it is. Geckoboard integrates with dozens of data-generating tools, like Google Sheets, Intercom and AWS, and combines them into intuitive, easy-to-understand performance dashboards.


FullStory records, stores and analyzes pixel-perfect re-creations of every user journey on your website. Every experience is documented and, thanks to extensive collaboration tools and a fully searchable archive of data, every team member can learn from your findings.


Product data used to be a cobbled-together mess of Google Analytics reports and guesswork. Amplitude brings behavioral product insights into the modern age using real-time, cross-platform data analysis to identify the experiments and product experiences that translate into long-term, satisfied customers.


While many analytics tools need to be connected to marketing automation platforms, Kissmetrics is an all-in-on analytics suite. Customer data can be segmented and analyzed and, thanks to the platform’s native integrations, each segment can be quickly and efficiently engaged with targeted email and Facebook ad campaigns.

61. Optimizely

Optimizely’s experimentation platform is designed for fast, effective A/B testing, enabling companies of all sizes to dramatically scale up their website optimization — unlocking hundreds of opportunities for building better customer experiences in the process.

62. Unbounce

A lot of A/B testing platforms are designed with developers in mind, but Unbounce was created to be simple and intuitive enough for non-developers to set up and use. From landing pages to pop-ups, Unbounce makes it quick and easy to turn your team’s design ideas into website reality.


Improving product experiences — adding extra personalization, tweaking an onboarding flow or A/B testing new graphics — used to be a slow, costly and complicated process. Appcues provides an intuitive, code-free way to set up, test and roll out new product experiences, allowing you to improve the product experience in a fraction of the time usually required.


Tracking your customer’s journey is more complex than ever before, requiring the setup of tracking codes and tags across dozens of different channels — unless you use Heap. The mobile analytics platform is designed to automate much of the tracking process, making it quick and easy to see exactly how customers engage with your company.


Mixpanel provides deep and detailed user analytics using machine learning and a wealth of optimization tools — like A/B testing and in-app notifications — to help create better experiences for every one of your customers.


Hotjar is designed to eliminate guesswork, providing data into areas — like website engagement — where companies would historically rely on intuition. The company’s detailed heatmaps — visual representations of the parts of your website that your visitors most engage with — are used by companies as diverse as Unbounce and Microsoft.

67. EnjoyHQ

EnjoyHQ is a platform for user research that’s designed to enable your team to tell stories with the data you find. You can upload your data into a central repository and use filters, search functions, and tag hierarchies to make your information organized and actionable.

68. ProfitWell

Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service — the “as a Service,” subscription model is eating the world software consumed. ProfitWell offers subscription metrics — for free — that you can use to identify opportunities. If you want more, you can also get tools that will help you reduce churn and optimize pricing. ProfitWell also has a uniquely effective incentive alignment: they make money when you make money.

69. Whatfix

Software, especially at the enterprise level, is never as intuitive as you’d hope. The need to supply and support features across a range of use cases leads to apps that sacrifice some measure of usability for functionality. Whatfix promises to demonstrate the value that often goes hidden in an app, showing users how they can best use the software you provide them.

Database Purchase & Enrichment


70. InsideView

InsideView is designed to turn customer data into actionable business strategies. Using artificial intelligence, the platform offers the world’s only go-to-market “decision engine,” designed to make every strategic decision data-driven.


Clearbit’s API can instantly turn any anonymous visitor into a data-rich, fully fleshed-out profile. Everything from paid ads to onboarding emails can be personalized with demographic, geographic and professional data — turning every customer interaction into a truly memorable experience.


DiscoverOrg provides customer intelligence for the whole company — including sales, marketing and even recruiting teams. With automatically generated, human-verified data, the platform makes it quick and easy to understand every nuance of customer behavior, making it easy to find, engage and delight new prospects.

Data Collection



Be it a contact form, survey, payment or feedback form, useful data collection is vital for the success of any business. Formspree allows you to create and implement custom forms, and integrates seamlessly with apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Airtable, and Mailchimp, just to name a few.

Formspree works with your own site code, be it HTML, Java, or CSS.


Website metrics like views and conversion rates can be hard to translate into actionable insights, so Qualaroo uses pop-up surveys and questionnaires to add qualitative, contextual information to help improve the customer experience. Whether you’re running an NPS survey or looking for opinions on your latest blog post, you can launch a quick, non-invasive survey in minutes.


ipinfo’s API makes it easy to flesh out the profiles of your anonymous website visitors with a company name, location and domain. Potential leads can be vetted and scored, even without an on-site conversion, and future interactions with your customers can be perfectly tailored to their geographic and demographic information.

76. Segment

Customer data has become central to many business strategies, but actually using it remains a challenge. Segment gives you ability to clean, collect, and control your data from a variety of integrated tools. Importantly, you can also protect the data you collect and enforce trustworthy standards across your team.

Customer Feedback and Surveys


77. Wootric

Instead of bombarding users with emails and pop-up surveys, Wootric uncovers valuable customer insight by combining Net Promoter Scores and Customer Satisfaction surveys with a sleek, in-app experience. All of the data is housed in a single, central dashboard, making it quick and easy to measure and act upon customer happiness.

78. Promoter.io

The Net Promoter Score is the go-to tool for understanding customer satisfaction. Promoter.io has taken the humble NPS to a new, data-rich level, providing a suite of tools for designing, delivering, analyzing, and taking action on your survey results.

79. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular survey software helping businesses find the answers to over 16 million questions each and every day. With a suite of add-ons and integrations, SurveyMonkey can be used for everything from NPS surveys to checkout forms.

80. GetFeedback

Customer feedback plays a huge role in driving smart business decisions—but so many survey tools hinder response rates with poor design and UX. GetFeedback creates beautiful, branded surveys designed to maximize engagement and — thanks to native integrations with CRMs and other crucial tools — share insights exactly where they’re most useful.

Customer Success and User Guides


81. Walkme

WalkMe’s digital adoption platform consists of three parts: Player provides an interactive website and application overlay, perfect for guiding users through onboarding and customer success messages; Editor makes creating and deploying those overlays a breeze for any system; and Insights provides detailed analytics to continually optimize performance.

82. Pendo

Pendo is a “product cloud”: an all-in-one suite of tools combining analytics, user segmentation, surveys, polls, and in-app messaging. Pairing qualitative user feedback with quantitative product data, it’s a one-stop-shop for turning customer insight into better product experiences.

83. Elevio

In the Relationship Era, the success of our customers has a direct impact on our revenue and growth, so a tool like Elevio — a dedicated customer education platform — is essential. Providing the tools needed to create helpful knowledge base documents, effectively sharing them with users, and monitoring their impact, Elevio is perfect for taking user education to the next level.

84. Zendesk

Our customer journeys are growing more complex, and our customer support processes need to evolve to keep pace. Zendesk is a powerful toolkit of support and success tools containing everything modern companies need to delight — and keep delighting — their customers.

85. UserVoice

UserVoice is designed to gather, track, and quantify user feedback, turning complex, qualitative insights into actionable steps on your product roadmap. Instead of relying on dozens of spreadsheets to wrangle feedback, your simple browser-based dashboard makes product management a breeze.

86. Discuss.io

Discuss.io makes market research easy. Whether you’re trying to recruit research participants, conduct one-on-one or group conversations, or share your findings across your entire company, the video conferencing platform is quick to use and simple to set up.

87. Algolia

Imagine how your business would change if you could trust that your customers would always find what they were looking for. Algolia offers searching, browsing, and discovery tools that promise to connect your users with their goals. Algolia sets itself apart with a well-designed and supported developer experience, enabling developers to implement search features quickly and easily.

Sales Productivity



Copper is the only CRM designed for today’s Relationship Era. Built on top of G Suite, Copper centralizes the entire customer experience — every call, message and support ticket — into a single intuitive interface. In a world where customer relationships are no longer limited to sellers, Copper helps your whole company — marketers, developers, sellers and support reps — build standout customer relationships.

89. Salesforce

Everyone’s heard of Salesforce and, whether you love or loathe the platform, many companies still use the legacy CRM as a powerful back-end database to house their customer data.


Outreach’s sales acceleration software covers the whole gamut of modern sales, boosting performance with sales sequences, workflow management, pipeline analytics, and detailed reporting. Designed to support your entire sales org, it’s a powerhouse of sales enablement resources.


Apolo turns your ideal customer profile — a hypothetical representation of your perfect customer — into a full pipeline of real-world prospects. Armed with your verified emails and phone numbers, you can use the rest of Apolo’s features to engage with your new prospects and turn them into happy, life-long customers.


Gong automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes your team’s sales conversations, turning every phone call into an opportunity for improved performance. Sellers learn from the best conversations and apply Gong’s intelligent insights to their future calls—boosting close rates and revenue in the process.


Chorus brings automation and artificial intelligence to your sales calls, turning call recordings into actionable insights and highlight reels — perfect for exceeding your sales quotas, delivering better customer experiences, and ramping up new hires.


Prospecting doesn’t need to be impersonal. Reply is designed for managing 1:1 interactions at scale, combining prospect segmentation, email automation, direct calling, and email validation into a single interface. Whether you’re talking to new prospects or life-long users, your email communication will be fast, effective, and personal.

95. Marketo Sales Connect

Marketo Sales Connect’s sales platform makes it quick and easy for a company to create a pipeline playbook — packed full of proven email, phone, and social media campaigns — that integrates directly into your sales team’s productivity suite, including Gmail, Outlook, and your phone system.


Autopilot is designed to streamline complicated customer journeys, allowing businesses to create personalized, intelligent workflows that span every imaginable touchpoint — emails, in-app messages, SMS and even postcards. From first-time visitors to long-term customers, Autopilot’s intuitive visual interface is perfect for creating exceptional experiences.


Drift helps companies move back to real, personable conversations. Instead of filling websites with gated content and contact forms, Drift’s live chat bot helps engage and qualify website visitors in a fluid, natural way. Instead of parting with personal contact details, prospects just have to chat!

98.Zendesk Sell

With Zendesk Sell, your organization can get better visibility, and enable better collaboration, between sales and support teams. The combination of sales automation and customer support tickets lets you keep accurate, transparent records and reveal information that helps your support team prioritize customers.


Ambition makes it easy to set up personalized, role-specific dashboards for everyone in your company, whether employee, manager, or executive. Key performance metrics are only ever a click away, helping companies create a data-driven, performance-focused workplace culture.


Guru is a knowledge platform with a difference. While many of its competitors silo customer information in a central application, Guru uses its Slack and Chrome integrations to provide crucial insight exactly where it’s needed — whether it’s in your email inbox or on LinkedIn.




Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of most modern businesses. Managing thousands of subscriptions — and problems with chargebacks, cancellations and failed payments — can become hugely complicated, so Chargify has created a one-stop platform to oversee every aspect of recurring billing.


Recurly brings machine learning to bear on your monthly subscriptions, drawing data from hundreds of millions of successful transactions to feed into its Revenue Optimization Engine. Common reasons for churn — like payment card expiration — are quickly combated, resulting in an average 12% increase in monthly revenue.


Subscription businesses grow 8% faster than their counterparts on the S&P 500, and Zuora provides the tools needed to capitalize on that growth. Zuora’s core platform fully automates your order-to-cash process and, with a suite of complementary apps, provides everything required to turn your company into a full-fledged subscription business.


There’s nothing more frustrating than preventing customers from paying the way they want. Square set out to simplify card processing, creating affordable hardware and a virtual point of sale platform that makes accepting card payments affordable and easy for companies of all sizes.


Before PayPal, managing online sales was a costly, complex process, rife with expensive surcharges and dozens of limitations. Nowadays, PayPal makes it quick and cost-effective to send and receive payments, anywhere in the world, with a clear cost-structure and an intuitive, user-friendly process.


GoDaddy Pro


In many companies, graphic design is siloed away, the sole reserve of a single designer or small design team. Canva was created to democratize the entire design process, making it quick and easy for whole teams to collaborate on photography, web design, font choices and more.


SketchDeck provides a best-of-both-worlds approach to design, pairing technology and skilled design professionals to create a hybrid solution to any design problem. By uploading your project specs to SketchDeck, you can scope, manage and finalize complex design projects from a single interface.


Traditional stock photography is expensive, restrictive and, worst of all, actually looks like stock photography. Unsplash has reinvented the world of business photography, collating thousands of high quality, visually striking images into a single — and entirely free to use — marketplace.

109. GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy Pro promises to help busy developers and designers save time. GoDaddy Pro makes it easy to update plugins and themes across your WordPress sites, and automate WordPress backups and migrations. If that’s not enough, it also offers real-time security monitoring and simple hosting configuration.

Content Creation



Visual media — infographics, presentations, hand-outs and posters — play a crucial role in communicating ideas and raising awareness for your brand. Piktochart packs a complete graphic design toolkit into a simple, intuitive product, unlocking the power of professionally designed visuals for businesses that lack specialized design skills.


In a crowded social media feed, few things stand out more than a sleek, stylish video. Shakr provides everything you’ll need to create eye-catching video content straight from your browser. Record, edit, design, soundtrack and advertise your videos, and create video content your audience will love to watch and share.


Sharing videos helps generate new customers, educate existing ones and even humanize your brand. Video hosting platform Wistia makes it quick and easy to record, host and share video content virtually anywhere, from blog posts to cold emails.


A well-made diagram can work wonders for explaining a complicated concept, and Gliffy is designed for the quick, effective creation of wireframes, org charts, mind maps and flow diagrams. With a library of thousands of shapes, connectors and icons, it’s perfect for ditching long, wordy explanations in favor of simple, eye-catching graphics.

114. Vyond

Animated explainer videos can simplify complex concepts in a matter of minutes but, historically, they’ve been expensive and time-consuming to create. Vyond exists to take the pain out of animation, offering an entire suite of user-friendly animation tools for a single monthly cost.


Medium’s blogging platform provides a space for companies to showcase their ideas, whether through an educational blog, thought leadership or announcing product updates. Pairing a clean, reader-friendly design with an in-built community of readers, it’s a one-stop shop for any company looking to communicate through content.

Voice & Meetings



Nothing humanizes a brand faster than a face-to-face conversation. Zoom provides quick, high-quality video conferencing from anywhere with an internet connection, so whether you’re arranging a sales call or checking in with a new customer, you can add the human touch to every interaction.


Skype makes customer communication a breeze, combining instant messaging, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone calls and high-quality video calls into a single interface. No matter how your customers want to communicate, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently oblige.


UberConference offers simple conference calling from virtually anywhere in the world. With reliable, high-fidelity VoIP service and a hassle-free interface — there’s no need to remember PIN codes — setting up a conference call is as easy as sharing a URL with your customers and colleagues.


RingCentral’s suite of communication tools is used by over 350,000 organizations the world over. Designed to unify virtually every communication channel at your disposal — SMS, fax, voice, video, messaging and conferencing — it’s the perfect one-stop shop for companies looking to improve their communication in the Relationship Era.


Dialpad’s suite of cloud communication tools is trusted by more than 60% of the Fortune 500. Designed to fit the needs of the “Anywhere Worker,” Dialpad’s voice, video, call center and messaging tools are created to make business communication of all types easy and effective — wherever you are in the world.


GoToMeeting is the world’s leading meeting software, boasting 18 million monthly users across 80 million meetings, each and every year. The tool is designed to make scheduling and attending virtual meetings quick and easy — and with users reporting a 20% improvement in deal closing speed, GoToMeeting can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.


In a world where remote working is growing in popularity, LogMeIn makes it quick and easy to access your work applications from anywhere, on any device. Productivity is no longer tied to your office desk: you’re free to create incredible customer relationships from anywhere in the world.

123.Google Hangouts Meet

Google’s video chat tool, Hangouts Meet, is designed for fast, frictionless face-to-face meetings. Starting a video call is as simple as setting up a meeting and sharing a link with the participants—no sign-in or frustrating browser plugins required.

124. Rev

Effective meetings generate a lot of useful information, but that usefulness evaporates if it’s not recorded. As long as you have audio, Rev can transcribe spoken words into text, even if there’s discussion or overlapping voices. Rev also offers transparent pricing, so you’ll know exactly how much your project will cost.

Customer Communication


125. Intercom

Intercom is an all-in-one customer messaging app. Combining live chat, a knowledge base and a dedicated support inbox, it centralizes customer communication into a single interface — whether you’re responding to support tickets or replying to a sales inquiry.

126. Front

Front transforms email into a collaborative workspace, creating a centralized inbox that whole teams can access. Complex cc and bcc threads are replaced with in-line messaging, email chains can be assigned to any relevant team member, and it’s easy to find and solve support requests and sales inquiries.

127. Teamwork Desk

Teamwork’s help desk platform is designed for fast, seamless collaboration on support tickets. Support, sales, marketing and development teams can easily work together on relevant tickets, while powerful back-end analytics keep everyone abreast of outstanding tickets and successful resolutions.

128. DocSend

DocSend helps you secure business-critical documents, such as pitch decks and contracts, while making them accessible to the people you want to see and use them. DocSend works with most file types and integrates with a variety of different apps. Keep track of who opens your documents and never risk sending or opening a malware-laced attachment again.

129. Chatfuel

Chatbots provide a natural communication channel for your customers, and Chatfuel is designed to get a chatbot up and running in seven minutes flat. Fueled by the company’s AI, your chatbot can share intuitive, helpful answers to complex questions, seamlessly opening the door to new customer relationships.

130. Smooch

Smooch pulls together dozens of messaging platforms — Messenger, WeChat, Twitter, Telegram and more — to allow enterprise companies to manage every customer conversation from a single dashboard. Your customers can reach out through their preferred communication channel and, with Smooch, still receive the same level of support and help.

131. TapeACall

TapeACall makes it quick and easy to record iPhone conversations: perfect for storing insights from customer interviews, connecting with influencers to feature on your latest podcast, or recording sales conversations while you’re out on the road.

132. Pilot

Pilot’s goal is to unify all your phone, email, text, and chat capabilities into one system. By adding phone and SMS functions to tools like Intercom and Slack, you can sort calls and SMS messages in the same way you sort your emails and chats.

133. VoiceSage

Call centers are often stuck in a reactive mode, making work nonstrategic and unpredictable. With VoiceSage, you can enable your call center agents to be more proactive with pre-emptive, outbound campaigns enhanced by interactive voice and rich media messaging.

Project Management

134. Airtable

In the same way that spreadsheets redefined the business world in the 1980s, Airtable is reinventing the spreadsheet. Pairing a highly customizable user interface with the power of a database, all manner of companies use Airtable to run their business, from Tesla’s production pipeline to BuzzFeed’s editorial process.

135. Redbooth

Project management gets harder as companies grow, so Redbooth strives to strip out the complexity, offering simple, intuitive project management tools that feel like part of your everyday workflow — offering everything from to-do lists to Gantt charts.

136. Teamwork Projects

Pitched at the “project management power user,” Teamwork Projects is one of the most comprehensive project management tools going. Its features span a huge range of functionality, offering in-built calendars, notebooks, billing systems, time tracking, file management and more.

137. Tettra

Tettra is a smart, simple knowledge base. Natively integrated with Slack, it’s designed to make it easy for team members to both contribute and access information; and instead of locking away crucial company processes and notes in a third-party platform, everything can be accessed by using the /tettra Slack command.

138. Zapier

Not all apps play nicely together, so Zapier uses a framework of powerful integrations to fill in the missing pieces of your workflow. Whether you want to trigger a Slack update when new leads come in or automatically email your customers when a blog post is published, Zapier provides the tools required.

139. Basecamp

In contrast to more complex project management tools, Basecamp is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. Devoid of extraneous functionality, every feature — from managing due dates and assignments, to triggering automatic check-ins with your team — is designed to be fun, fast and effective.

140. Trello

Perhaps the most lightweight project management tool available, Trello uses simple kanban-inspired “boards” to manage collaboration and keep track of to-dos. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, it offers a fun, user-friendly approach to team productivity.

141. Asana

Asana’s approach to project management is simple: “If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Asana.” With a strong focus on simplicity, white space and ease-of-use, Asana is designed to free up your time to focus on the activities that matter: interacting with customers instead of micromanaging projects.

142. Podio

Podio brings structure to your daily workflow, allowing you to create clear, repeatable processes for all of the crucial tasks that underpin your business. With clear, one-page projects for even the biggest tasks, it’s easy to collaborate with colleagues, contractors and customers alike.



143. 15Five

15Five applies a simple framework to performance review: employees spend 15 minutes per week answering questions, managers spend 5 minutes engaging with each response, and 15Five collates the feedback into concise, actionable recommendations to help the whole company thrive.

144. Upwork

As your company grows, freelancers can help plug the gaps between hires, allowing you to resource new projects without the risk of full-time hires. To that end, Upwork’s freelancer marketplace is invaluable, making it quick and easy to connect with the most skilled and experienced professionals.

145. Textio

The way you write your job ads can reveal a lot about your organization. Textio is an augmented writing tool that helps reveal biases that might be hiding in your language. If you want to build a diverse workforce, making your outreach inclusive is an important first step.

146. Perka

Perka’s premise is simple: it digitizes the classic loyalty punch card (“buy three drinks and your fourth is free!”), making it quick and easy to set up a rewarding loyalty scheme without the problem of lost cards and fraudulent claims.

147. Gusto

Gusto centralizes dozens of key HR processes, from health insurance contributions to vacation. Instead of hiring a dedicated HR team or managing a network of contractors and service providers, small teams can manage the heart of their business infrastructure from a single intuitive interface.

148. Namely

Namely’s HR platform spans the entire gamut of human resources, combining payroll, time-tracking, benefits and recruitment into a single, centralized dashboard. Designed as “HR for humans,” the platform is intuitive enough for everyone — employees and HR pros alike — to get to grips with.

149. Greenhouse

Great employees are the backbone of a great business, and Greenhouse is designed to optimize your entire recruiting process. Its suite of tools — used by the likes of Evernote, Twilio and Pinterest — brings data to bear on every part of the application process, from first screening to final interview.

150. Officevibe

Officevibe takes the stress out of employee engagement surveys. By drawing on 120 research-backed questions, Officevibe can chart survey responses across 26 different metrics before generating automated, actionable insights for managers to use.

151. Lever

Lever’s recruitment platform is driven by three principles: automation simplifies the process of finding, screening and managing applicants; machine intelligence is used to siphon out actionable insights from masses of hiring data; and clear, simple design helps recruiters and applicants alike engage with the platform.

152. JazzHR

JazzHR’s (formerly The Resumator) self-service recruitment tools for small businesses come loaded with added extras. When a vacancy is advertised, the job posting is automatically syndicated to dozens of the leading job boards, while the entire process — application, interview and offer — is managed from JazzHR’s dashboard.

153. Truework

Employment verification is a surprisingly complex process, especially to new entrepreneurs managing growing companies, but Truework can make it easy. With Truework, you can eliminate unnecessary paperwork and phone calls, while ensuring your data is safe with encryption and secure data centers.

154. Pymetrics

There’s only so much information you can gather from interviewing and testing your job candidates. Pymetrics uses games backed by neuroscience researchers to test candidates and predict their success—all without the bias of other, similar systems.

Accounting and Finance


155. Xero

Xero’s accounting software is packed full of everything small businesses need to run their back end, making it easy to create and send professional invoices, track inventory and purchases, and manage payroll for the entire workforce. Best of all, with over 600 integrations it’s easy to use alongside the rest of your relationship stack.

156. TeamPay

There are dozens of tools, resources and subscriptions that can make your employees’ everyday lives a little easier, and Teampay streamlines the process of tracking and approving each of these expenses.

157. Expensify

Expensify is a specialized tool designed to free up time spent organizing receipts and managing business expenses, using functionality like intelligent expense recognition from a PDF or photo to automate the entire process.

158. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is on a mission to turn the world of back-office organization completely paperless. Receipts, business cards and invoices can be digitized with the Shoeboxed app, and companies with masses of paperwork can fill pre-paid envelopes with clutter, ship them off to Shoeboxed, and watch their newly digitized data appear like magic.

159. Quickbooks

QuickBooks takes the pain out of accounting, allowing you to centralize the entire process, whether it’s invoicing, expensing or reporting. With direct integrations with most banking providers, you can dramatically reduce the time between invoices and payments — that’s better for you and better for your customers.

160. Wave

Wave offers an all-in-one accounting tool designed especially for small businesses. The company’s commitment to fledgling ventures is so great that the core product — and all of its accounting, invoicing, payment and payroll functionality — is available for exactly $0 dollars per month.

Internal Operations


161. Auth0

Auth0 provides authentication and authorization as a service: in simple terms, helping you build secure applications without a dedicated in-house security team. Any application can be configured to any login standard, while user data can be securely used to personalize the in-app experience.

162. 1Password

1Password is a browser-based password manager, designed to keep all of your login credentials, apps and the customer data they contain, safe and secure. Instead of sharing usernames and passwords through Slack or email, teams can use 1Password to create a shared archive of logins, protected by encryption and two-factor authentication.

163. StatusPage

Websites crash and pages break: it’s an unavoidable part of running a business. Statuspage is designed to turn these frustrations into memorable customer experiences, with externally hosted error pages and live status updates that ensure clear, effective communication during website downtime.

164. PullRequest

PullRequest offers an on-demand network of expert engineers that can review your code in an under 48 hours. Code review is key to making high-quality products, but for small companies especially, it can be difficult to prioritize. With PullRequest, you can avoid bottlenecks, improve code quality, and ship features faster.

165. Sellbrite

Most modern businesses sell across multiple channels, but managing inventory across sites like eBay, Amazon, Shopify and Etsy can be a real headache. Sellbrite is designed to automate the process of listing, syncing and shipping your products, ensuring that your customers are never deterred by an erroneous “out of stock” message.

166. UiPath

UiPath provides an accessible platform for robotic process automation—a technology that uses software robots to automate repetitive, data-centric tasks, such as compliance verification and form verification. UiPath offers a variety of ways to get started with automation, including an academy and an active forum. Curious developers can start experimenting easily and build automations that make their days a little faster.

167. Formlabs

3D printers are no longer fodder for science fiction. Formlabs offers 3D printers that can work from your desktop and have integrated sensors that warn you if anything is amiss. Formlabs’s goal is to provide industrial quality 3D printers that can scale, so you can get one for small use cases, like prototyping, and expand as your business grows and produces more.

168. Honey

“Intranet” doesn’t usually inspire excitement — Honey is out to change that. Traditional intranet services are infamously boring and drab, whereas Honey is simple, clean, and beautiful. Beyond aesthetics, Honey focuses on providing a central information hub for everything your employees need—from benefits to announcements.




Upon release, Slack was hailed as an “email killer,” and with good reason: its clean, compact messaging system makes it easy to collaborate with virtually anyone, from a single freelancer to a 50-strong sales team. Thanks to a suite of native integrations, Slack can connect to virtually any application, allowing companies to run their entire workflows from a central communication channel.

170. Followup

Sometimes the simplest tools can have the biggest impact on productivity. Followup is a lightweight Chrome extension that adds powerful reminder functionality to Gmail. Instead of cluttering up your inbox with dozens of to-do’s, you can systematically set due dates, reminders and follow-ups for every email.

171. I Done This

I Done This is another tool that falls into the simple-but-powerful category, using a system of daily check-ins and progress reports to create a clear overview of team productivity. Once a day, employees check in via email, ensuring that roadblocks and problems are quickly surfaced and solved.

172. Google Sheets

Google Sheets brings the power of the spreadsheet into the cloud. You’ll find all the features you’d expect from a powerful spreadsheet tool, plus a raft of collaboration features that make it easy to share sheets, comment and even embed your work into Google Docs and presentations.

173. Rescuetime

With so many tasks and tools vying for our attention, RescueTime offers much-needed relief from the perils of distraction. By monitoring how you and your employees spend your time on computers and mobile devices, it can pinpoint the exact websites, apps and processes that are sucking away your time and focus.


Poor communication around product shipments is a real source of friction between company and customer. Slice takes away the stress, automatically syncing with product shipment emails to provide real-time delivery alerts, manage product recalls and securely store purchase receipts.

175. Feedly for Business

Feedly is designed to collate the world’s content — blog posts, news stories, product updates — into a single organized feed. The tool’s business tier adds in a wealth of integrations with apps like Slack, Evernote and Pocket, and makes it possible to quickly share curated content with the rest of your team.

176. Evernote for Business

Think of Evernote as your second brain: a place where all of your ideas, thoughts, blog posts, emails and presentations can live in a central, searchable database. Using Evernote’s web clipper, virtually any piece of information can be stored in the tool, with powerful tagging and search functionality making it easy to retrieve — and share — that information whenever it’s needed.

177. Harvest

Harvest is a simple online time tracker, designed to sync up with your PC, laptop and smartphone to provide an overview of your team’s productivity. The better your understanding of where your time goes, the easier it is to provide great customer experiences — whether you’re creating better project proposals or offering faster responses to customer queries.

178. Calendly

If you’re tired of wasting time with endless back-and-forth emails, you can use Calendly’s intelligent scheduling system to manage your availability and instantly find times that work for you, your teammates and your customers.

179. Grammarly

Whether email, social media or website copy, written communication is still the foundation of our customer relationships. Grammarly is a simple tool that ensures that typos, spelling and grammar never interfere with our customer communication, guaranteeing clear, concise conversation anywhere the written word appears.

180. Google Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat is a chat platform designed for effortless collaboration between colleagues, teams, and entire companies. Packed with dozens of powerful integrations, it brings all of your tools and communication into a centralized productivity hub, seamlessly connected with Gmail, Google Drive, and all of your favorite tools.

181. Wunderlist

Wunderlist set out to prove that the humble “to-do” list can be a powerful productivity aid. Combining intuitive checkbox functionality with a wealth of collaboration features, Wunderlist makes it quick and easy to turn goals and projects into quick, manageable tasks.

182. Todoist

Todoist is used by over 10 million people to simplify and de-stress their lives. Its core function is simple: get tasks out of your head and onto your digital “to-do” list. With built-in task prioritization and a gamified points system to reward completed tasks, it’s a quick, effective way to boost your daily productivity.

183.Google Keep

Inspiration can strike at any time, and Google Keep is designed to capture your ideas as soon as they happen — wherever you are and on whichever device you’re using. Whether you’re recording your thoughts in a note, a list, a photo or an audio recording, it’s easy to save — and share — your inspiration.

184. Remember The Milk

Designed as an intelligent “to-do” app for busy people, Remember The Milk can be as streamlined — or as powerful — as required, offering a wealth of features: file uploads via services like Google Drive and Box, advanced search functionality, task prioritization and a powerful sub-task system for bigger projects.

185. Smartsheet

Smartsheet has breathed new life into the humble spreadsheet, creating an all-in-one project management work space built around interconnected sheets of data. Designed to centralize an entire company’s processes into a single application, it offers dozens of visualizations and dashboards to turn spreadsheets into collaborative work environments.

Screen Capture


186. Loom

Loom is a simple Chrome extension for recording and sharing short video snippets, used by the likes of Airbnb and Dropbox for everything from creating team wikis to sales videos.

187. Snagit

Snagit exists for those times when Print Screen doesn’t cut it. It’s a powerful screen capture tool with built-in screen recording and image editing functionality — perfect for quickly sharing error messages, recording on-screen tutorials or fleshing out blog content.

188. Recordit

There was a time when screencasting — sharing a recording of your PC or laptop screen — was a slow and complicated process. Now, Recordit allows you to share videos or GIFs of your screen in a matter of seconds: it’s as simple as hitting a button and using your mouse to capture the portion of the screen you want to record.

189. Screenflow by Telestream

ScreenFlow is an all-in-one suite of video editing tools for the Mac. Designed for everyone from e-learning providers to vloggers, ScreenFlow offers professional video editing features in a compact, intuitive interface, perfect for everything from simple screen shares to professional-grade filmmaking.

190. Skitch by Evernote

Skitch combines simple sketching features with the power of Evernote’s note-taking and file storage. Whether you’re directly annotating a PDF, adding captions to home photos or just sharing screenshots with colleagues, Skitch brings note-taking into the Relationship Era.

191. Clipular

Clipular is a lightweight screen capture plugin for Google Chrome. At the click of your mouse, you can capture any portion of your screen — be it a Facebook feed or a news article — and save it for posterity. With built-in bookmarking functionality, it’s never been easier to record and share your browsing experiences.



192. PandaDoc

Proposals can be a logistical nightmare, creating an endless chain of email back-and-forth, feedback and revisions. PandaDoc exists to take the pain out of the process, allowing you to send, review and sign project quotes, contracts and documents — all from a centralized, collaboration-friendly dashboard.

193. DocuSign

In your day-to-day life, there are dozens of occasions that call for a signature, whether you’re closing a sale, signing an NDA or approving a purchase. DocuSign eliminates any laborious back-and-forth, making it quick and easy to electronically sign documents from virtually anywhere in the world.

194. eSignatures

While eSignatures offers a fast, effective platform for managing electronic signatures, it also comes loaded with extra ways for customers, co-workers and contractors alike to sign documents — including click-to-accept and text-to-sign features.

195. HelloSign

HelloSign is as much a workflow management platform as it is an e-signature tool. Perfect for getting sign-off on complex projects, each document can be signed by up to 20 people, in any order — with the finished document automatically delivered to each signatory’s inbox.

196. Adobe Sign

For many companies, Adobe Sign (formally EchoSign) is the de facto e-signature tool, earning its reputation from an entire suite of native integrations with tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Workday, and full compliance with a broad range of legal requirements and security standards.



197. ON24

ON24 is a webinar platform designed to dramatically extend the reach of your online events using content gating and detailed attendee analytics to help engage — and eventually convert — all of your webinar attendees.

198. Demio

Demio is a one-stop-shop for planning, creating and distributing marketing webinars. It’s packed full of features including the creation of one-time and recurring events; public and private chat functionality; registration and thank you pages; and automatic reminder emails as the day draws nearer.

199. ReadyTalk

ReadyTalk is a full-stack cloud communication platform designed to bring meetings, webinars and webcasts into a single interface. Offering high-quality video, a dedicated VoIP service and dozens of collaboration features, it makes customer communication — in virtually any format — easy and effective.

200. GoToWebinar

Last year, GoToWebinar’s global webinar platform was used by over 60 million people, with hosted webinars boosting lead generation by an average of 23%. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re trying to scale your webinar strategy, GoToWebinar’s flexible packages provide the perfect toolkit for businesses of all sizes.

Building The Ultimate Relationship Stack

Creating deeper, more meaningful customer relationships isn’t just a nice-to-have: in today’s Relationship Era, it’s the most powerful growth driver at your disposal. The best-in-class tools covered here are designed to help in that pursuit, making your business more productive, more flexible and more responsive to your customers’ needs.

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