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Meet Corey Maass, productivity expert, software developer, and musician.  Corey uses iDoneThis to keep track of work, play, and everything in between.  


Corey’s been working on the web for 15 years, enough time to learn a little about a lot of things. In 2004 he launched his first web app, and has created a dozen more since. Working on his own ideas, or helping clients, his passion lies in building smart, helpful web sites that are a pleasure to use. Most recently, he launched the Birdy, which helps you track your spending.

Age: 34

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Contact: The Birdy

How do you use iDoneThis?

Mostly for work and business. Every day I jot 4 – 6 items, usually a line on each project I’m working on, and then one or two things going on in my personal life, like trips I’m taking, or friends I’m meeting up with.

You have an epic 99-day streak.  What’s just some of the stuff you’ve gotten done during your streak?

I’ve taken three trips, got engaged, changed jobs, and launched two new products.

You’re an expert on personal productivity.  What are some other productivity systems that you use?

Daily, I use another product I built called Timerdoro.com for reducing eye strain, and keeping me focused. (Built with Joel Van Horn and Brandon Gracey.) I love Gmail, and use it with FollowUpThen.com to keep my inbox near zero. I track my hours with Harvest, and my todo’s with Omnifocus. Podcasts, Google Reader and Hacker News keep me up to date.


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