How Rakesh Nair Stayed Productive for 100-Straight Days

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Meet Rakesh Nair, software developer, writer, and foodie.  Rakesh stays productive with his many projects so that at day’s end he can write down his accomplishments in iDoneThis.


I express myself almost completely in three words which form a part of my Twitter bio: Fat, Humorous, Witty.

I love food, all kinds, with absolutely no exception. Chinese food, especially noodles, is my top favorite and burgers and fries come a close second.

The only thing that almost beats eating is reading. I love books and I read a lot.

The genre of the books does not matter much and I read magazines in as interesting a manner as a murder mystery. Science Fiction though has been somewhat close to me since I started reading Isaac Asimov and his Foundation and Robot series.

Humor and wit, both are qualities that have been developed because of all the reading that I’ve done mostly. I dole out enough sarcasm in the entire day and poke fun of enough people, not excluding me in the bargain, to make most of my day and keep worries away from me. When deadlines approach nearer, my colleague and I are usually making fun of everything and laughing till our stomach hurts just to relieve our stress.

Age: 25

Location: Mumbai, India

Contact: ScholarsArena, @scholarsarena, Facebook, Email

How do you use iDoneThis?

I got to know about the site via LifeHacker in late April. I have been using it everyday since then to keep a track of everything that I do, be it at work or at home.  I try to make my day as productive as possible, ensuring that I have something to write at the end of the day.

My usual aim is to have some kind of progress noted for my projects and to have something new to talk about.

iDoneThis has helped me to break the monotony of my work and make it more exciting, in my own manner.

iDoneThis is my own time-sheet to keep track of all that I’ve been doing. At some point of time, I plan to make sure that I try and assign tasks for myself for the next day and achieve them.

You’ve gotten stuff done for nearly 100-days straight.  How are you going to celebrate hitting the century mark?

Okay, a 100 day streak was something that I had been aiming for when I saw that there was something called a “streak.”  Now that I’ve reached 100 days of productive working, I plan to take it forward to 500 and then to 1000 days.

Yes, I do plan to diligently do productive work for the best part of 3 years and make sure that I know how my progress has been over the years.

As I keep updating, I will look back at what I’d done earlier, learn from them if necessary, and keep myself propelled in the best possible manner.

What’s your favorite novel of all time?

I cannot say that I have one favorite novel. In fact, if I may say so, I have three, one each of my favorite authors:

J. R. R. Tolkien – Lord of the Rings

This one is my fantasy fix. For me, nothing beats the mystery of the Ring and the fearless and joyous spirit of the Hobbits

Jeffrey Archer – As the Crow Flies

An epic tale that I have loved each time I’ve read it.

Isaac Asimov – The Foundation Series

For me, he is the BEST sci-fi author ever.


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