Your Accomplishments, Now with Emojis

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We’re excited to present to you: the launch of emojis for iDoneThis! It’s a fun way to record your accomplishments and share with your team how you’re feeling.

To give it a try, just type a colon and then start typing a word, like :pizza: pizza.  If an autocomplete menu shows up, then we have it. Bread-and-butter emojis like smileys of different kinds work as well. smiley

Why Emojis?

Emojis are just plain awesome.

In fact, many of you have told us that you’ve written emojis in your dones even without emoji support in the app! Using emojis in your dones is an easy way to build camaraderie and a sense of fun in your team at work.

With text, the context of how people are feeling and what they mean by what they say can often get lost. Mix in a few emojis, and you’ll have a message richer in meaning and emotion.

Want to tell your team that you just shipped a new feature? Add a :ship:  to your done. A coworker needs your OK to move forward with something? The :ok_hand:  or :thumbsup:  can both be appropriate responses. Have something to celebrate? :tada: !

What’s Next with Emojis?

We’ve kicked around different ideas on what else we can do to make work and sharing your progress more fun.

One idea we’ve had is that you could filter dones by emoji, just like you can currently filter dones by #tag. That would let you see what’s making folks happy at work, sad at work, or even hungry for pizza at work.

Another related idea is to gather stats on emoji use as a proxy for how people are feeling in the company. If folks are using a lot of happy faces, morale could be high. If your colleagues are using the mouse emoji a bunch, your building could have a rodent problem.

What do you think?


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