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Category: Google Snippets

The art of getting stuff done without bossing around

The availability of seed-stage funding today means that there are a ton of first-time entrepreneurs out there assembling teams and building companies without any experience running a team or managing

How Mozilla Foundation Navigates Across Teams

The Mozilla Foundation has a super software team working on projects that range from Popcorn (a video remixing application) to Thimble (an easy-to-use web page maker) to Open Badges (a

How Agiliq Creates Bespoke Webapps by Focusing Within

Agiliq is a 12-person web design and development studio based in Hyderabad, India that builds web applications which provide that “just-right” fit for its clients. The key to crafting bespoke

How Code Academy Manages Rapid Growth

I’m a huge fan of the folks at Code Academy because they’re builders, and on top of that, their mission is to empower others to create.  It makes perfect sense

Silicon Valley’s Productivity Secret

The wonder of Silicon Valley has been its rich history of producing incredibly capital efficient companies operating at massive scale.  No doubt part of that achievement lies in the capital