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By I Done This Support

iDoneThis will be hosting our first #prodtalk Tweet Chat of a series on productivity, motivation, and getting more done!

The topic:  Our recent post, Silicon Valley’s Productivity Secrets, has piqued a lot of interest, and we’d love to hear more about your thoughts and reactions! What do you think about scalable people management? How do you check in at work? What are the limitations to the Google Snippets system? Share your tips and comments!

The details:  Our first #prodtalk Tweet Chat will take place Sunday, Feb. 12, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

We’ll be moderating the chat through @iDoneThisChat. Use the hashtag #prodtalk to follow and participate in the chat.

Wait, what’s a Tweet Chat?  They’re live discussions that take place on Twitter on a pre-determined topic, sort of like a Twitter version of a chat room. (So you do have to be a Twitter user to participate.) Tweet Chats are a fun, easy way to have a live, directed conversation and to meet other Twitter users who are interested in the same topic or field.

The key to participating in a Tweet Chat is to use the pre-determined hashtag identifier (that thing with the # sign before it, like #prodtalk). You’ll use this hashtag to find the conversation if you want to “listen in”. And whenever you want to participate and “say” something, include the hashtag so that your tweet gets picked up in the conversation stream.

For more information, check out this guide on how to participate in a Tweet Chat.


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